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An Exclusive Interview with Madeline Elayne

A Note From Indigo:

I first became acquainted with author Madeline Elayne when we both contributed stories to the Uniform Behavior anthology. 

Author Madeline Elayne

This sexy siren has graciously agreed to an exclusive interview...enjoy!

Q: When did you first realize you were born to write smutty stories?

A: I'm a smut junkie, but I have cravings for different styles of erotica, as if they were chocolate fudge brownie chunk ice cream. One day, I had just recently reread everything that appealed to me on my bookshelf, and while I wanted to buy some more, I was broke. So I decided to try writing some. I wrote two, actually, D/s stories for a couple of anthology calls for submission by the same editor. Several months later I found out that while one was turned down, the other had been accepted! I guess I figured that one might have been a fluke because I didn't actually catch the “writing bug” until the third story I dared to submit got accepted, too!

Q: What's your favorite way to make your readers all hot and bothered?

A: I love delving into that moment when two (or more!) characters realize that they just have to have each other right that very minute, and that the feeling is mutual. What was it that turned the other on? A look, an accidental touch, a smell, a bold proposition? But more importantly, what clued them in to the fact that the other person felt the same way? Consent is damn sexy, if you ask me, and I don't really ever see myself writing a non-con story. It would be missing my biggest turn-on!

Q: If you could have a hot one-night stand with one of your characters, who would you choose and why?

A: Hm. Well I wrote a story last year about a transman rope bottom named Mike that I fell in lust with as soon as his description hit my keyboard. If he were real, I would jump him right this very second! But since he's sitting on an editor's desk right now in a submissions pile, I'll be nice and pick someone else too.

I have a story just out recently in Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex, and the love interest, Cara, is one hot cookie. (Speaking of cookies, she bakes, too!) I definitely wouldn't mind taking her home so she could *cough* bake *cough* for me!

Q: Tell us about your story in the erotica anthology, Uniform Behavior? How did you get involved with this project?

A: Entirely by accident, actually. I was being my usual procrastinatrix self and link-hopping so that I could avoid for a few more minutes something or other that I didn't want to be doing when I stumbled across Lucy's call for submissions. Unfortunately, the deadline listed was the day before I found the page! It looked interesting anyway, and so I bookmarked the page and did the usual adding it to my rss feed and adding her to twitter, etc.

Boy, was I glad I did! The very next day, she put out a tweet saying that she was extending the deadline.  Surprisingly- considering that it was a project for UK charity Help for Heroes- she didn't have enough good armed forces submissions!

Well, that just wasn't going to do, at all, so I set my dirty little mind to thinking, and I came up with the Weight of Duty. I figured that a gunner on the Canadian National Gun Runner team falling in lust with a pipe band drummer wasn't going to be too close to anything already submitted, but that it would still fill a niche for more delicious army bucks!

Q: Favorite position?

A: Sex-positive, LGBTQ-friendly, and pro-feminist.

... OH! You mean a sexual position? Geez, just one? Probably one involving my partner being tied to something very sturdy with lots and lots of braided nylon rope. Num!

Q: Most unusual place you've ever had sex?

A: On a back therapy inversion table in my parent's basement while we were housesitting. Not easy to do unless you're a member of Cirque de Soleil. I wouldn't recommend it.

Q: What's on the horizon- any new projects you're especially excited about?

A: TONS! I've officially hit the 50K mark on a novel I'm writing, and I have a single-author short story collection that I'm slugging away at, too, as well as several submissions out and on their way out to fabulous purveyors of smut.

The thing I'm most excited about, though, is a project that's happening right here in my home town. Fredericton, despite being the second gayest city in North America per capita, (after San Francisco, of course) has only had an official Pride week since last year. This year, we want Pride,a celebration of all things LGBTQ and more, to be even better!

In order to help make this happen, Fredericton Pride is going to be putting out two erotic anthologies (one of short stories, and the other of poetry) in order to raise funds to put on an unforgettable event. I'm insanely excited to be a part of this project!)  If you'd like to be part of the fun, there is a call for submissions out on my blog:

Author Bio:

Sometime in 2009, Madeline Elayne was devastated to find that she’d run out of new kinky smut to read, and so decided to try writing her own. Being a masochist, now she can’t figure out how to stop. You can find free reads of hers on, EroticaForall, and Circlet press, as well as on her blog,

Madeline Wants Readers to Know...

Apart from UB, I've got works in two current anthologies:


You can find me on Twitter:!/MadMadeline

...and on Facebook:!/profile.php?id=100001832803578

As for contests, I have a currently and perpetually ongoing one that I would love any of your readers to participate in here:

Give me a list of three things in a comment on this post, and I will write a microfiction story just for you (that I'll post to my blog, of course!) that somehow incorporates all three!

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A Big Weekend for My Blog Tour!

Cheers!  I'll be celebrating my first book release this weekend with a giveaway.  For details, see my guest post on Fantasy Unbound, Rachel Haimowitz' Author blog.  I'll be there tomorrow- Saturday, February 26th, serving up three hot story starters to get your pen moving.  For a chance to win a free copy of my ebook, Her Captive Muse, continue one of these story starters in a steamy tale of your own and email it to me at

Tomorrow, I'm interviewing the lovely and talented Madeline Elayne here on Indigo Skye: Ink and Art.  Sunday, join me at the Noble Romance Authors' Blog for my monthly guest spot.  I'll be sharing an exclusive excerpt from Her Captive Muse.  Stop by and comment- I'd love to know what's on your mind! 

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Erotic Wonderland

Indigo Skye: Ink and Art
Welcomes Soulverbs!

A Note from Indigo Skye:

I recently hosted the lovely and talented Sara Fina on my blog.  She offered up a sexy story starter to inspire my followers, and one reader in particular really ran with the story.  Welcome, Soulverbs!  Here's the story-starter that inspired his pen...

Sitting across the room, Jacob thought he had made himself clear. Lindsay, however, was showing no sign that she had received any message. Their argument was still fresh in his heart, yet he knew that fighting any longer would be pointless. All Jacob wanted to do was make Lindsay feel the love he had been unable to put into words. He slowly rose to his feet. His piercing blue eyes were unrelenting as he stepped closer to her. She watched as he placed his warm hand on the small of her back and, from there…

Erotic Wonderland

By Soulverbs

The air between them solidified, almost coming alive. His touch was the gentle caress of electricity, gentle like the spark of life. Lindsay cried out in shock, in pain, not the pain of hurt, but the pain of ecstasy. She wanted to know him better than she knew herself. Jacob would be her masterpiece.
With Jacob, everything was more alive. Water tasted like wine, lights blazed with the heat of the sun, and each kiss was an intimate wonderland of seduction. She was the rabbit hole and he was her Alice...

Jacob felt the stirrings of her flesh, the warm sensation of her skin giving off sparks. How could he have been so blind to her needs? He vowed at that moment, at the realization that for her the big bang was no theory, it was gospel, that he would never raise his voice towards her in anger again.
Moving as if through jelly, as if time slowed to a crawl, Jacob stared into her warm brown eyes and fell; fell like the fallen angel himself. He fell deep into her; losing himself in the warmth of the deepest black hole of love. Somewhere he sensed a pulsing bright light. Swimming back and forth, hither and there, he heard her whisper, “Tonight I am going to be every woman in your fantasy."

Jacob became undone, and for once he knew exactly how to make the rabbit hole give up its treasures.

What happens next will shock you...

A twenty-five year old virgin in his prime, handsome, yet scholarly, Jacob was born in a very religious family. It was only after meeting Lindsay did he start to question morality. His biblical sense of well-being was no longer his focus; Lindsay was his everything. She was the source of his anger, pride, prejudice; she had become is alpha and omega. Today started with anger, but it will end with Jacob submitting to Lindsay, and thus becoming a man.

Lindsay was a flower child. Her parents were spiritual, not religious. They smoked pot, taught at a local community college, and were freethinkers. Lindsay’s life was never well structured, more like freefalling with some control. She and Jacob were as different as night and day. A Jew in love with a half Arab, half-gentile woman was unheard of. She always had the same argument with Jacob every day. “The Zionist will destroy the Middle East,” she would implore, and he would respond, “It was Israel’s right to control her fate.” It was not as if she hated Israel, she respected their culture, strength, and perseverance. What she wanted to do was lash out at Jacob’s family. He was simply in the way.

Jacob had heard it all before. How often did his mother say, “The girl is very beautiful, but she is also very straightforward.” “Are you sure she is the one for you?” His father would just sit there smoking a cigar, holding a glass of cognac, and nod his head in silent approval of his mother’s interrogation. God, how he hated the whole “honor thy parents crap!”

It was weird living with a roommate who was a girl, no, a beautiful woman. Lindsay would walk around half dressed, almost scandalous in appearance. Long jet-black hair, muscular body, graceful as ballerina, except unlike most ballerinas, she had ample ass, Lindsay’s high cheekbones, strong nose, and beautiful brown eyes were mesmerizing. She had pouty lips, and they were full and ripe. Often, he would fantasize about the way she would eat a banana, or tear into a peach, with juices flowing down her lips, only to be captured by her tongue. God, she was killing him, and he loved every minute.

It amazed Lindsay how Jacob’s parents could be so prudish. They would visit their apartment, the one she paid half the rent for, and expect her to change the way she dressed. Their smug look, as if she were a whore did not bother her one bit. In fact, it was the feeling that they did not really see her at all that hurt the most. She was determined to make them recognize her. Therefore, each day they visited was a day with fewer and fewer clothes. It was only after she noticed beyond Jacob’s blushes that he would never stand up to kiss his mother good-bye that she began to understand his problem. Jacob was aroused and in need of an education. Lindsay was just the woman for the job; after all, he was quite handsome.
Jacob touched her in a way that few men ever could. Gentle, yet strong, he cared for her feelings. It was not just hump and bang away until she could not walk. Jacob was making love to her, even as he fucked the living lights out of her. All Lindsay did was imagine Alice falling into the rabbit hole. She imagined Alice’s shiny white dress was dirtied, but instead of Alice, she got Jacob, and instead of a white dress, she got hard white cock, and she loved every inch of him. The feel of Jacob’s circumcised dick slamming into her sent waves of ecstasy reverberating through her body. How many times she came was lost in time.

Lindsay was the perfect lover. She had only known two lovers before Jacob. Once when she was eighteen and a virgin, another when she was twenty-one and engaged, and the now Jacob, he would be her last if he had his way. He loved her, and Jacob believed that Lindsay was in love with him. He had waited his whole life for right the woman, and this woman was truly something special. Nothing could ever be this wet, this tight, this deep. Jacob was stretching the rabbit hole. He heard it pop; he felt it skeet, and now he was about to hear Lindsay scream.

“Oh God damn you, I am cumming!” Lindsay screamed. Jacob kept pumping, kept slamming his rock hard cock deep in her. She was biting his nipples, sucking relentlessly. Her teeth marks left her calling card on his body. Her screams left her name in his head, but her pussy was her signature for his soul. She signed it, “you belong to me.”

Lindsay felt the water flow from her pussy to her ass. It permeated the sheets, and pooled a wet spot as large as her body around them. All she could do was hold on for dear life. If it was not for the fact that she knew Jacob was a virgin, she would start to believe he was porn star. She ached for him. She needed every stroke, every push, and every invasion of her uterus. Jacob was in her mind, in her heart, and in her womb. She loved him before this, but now she worshipped him. Lindsay was speaking in tongues.

Jacob wanted to make the rabbit hole give up its treasures. It did. The purest white cream flowed around his cock. Lindsay’s womb started singing, making noises that scared him at first, but her moans made him realized he was doing the right thing. Her pussy tightened around him forcefully. It was as if her love hole was playing his cock like a flute.

Lindsay pulled her legs up higher and maneuvered her hands to his legs. She knew he was close to cumming, and she wanted all of his seed. He stroked a few more hard deliberate thrusts, and if she timed it right, and she did, he would explode into her. Just as Jacob began to cum, Lindsay shoved a finger deep in his ass…

Jacob never screamed so loud. His body felt as if all the weight of the world was crashing around him. He was the Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar, a Cheshire cat, a Jabberwocky, a White rabbit, the Queen of hearts, and Alice all rolled into one. All the characters he grew up loving as a kid streamed through his mind at the speed of cum. He was Alice, a fucking woman in his mind, and Lindsay was the rabbit hole. When her finger assaulted his ass, taking his virginity, it made him cum like a god. He was in love. Lindsay solely owned him. There was no turning back now.

Jacob collapsed on top of Lindsay. She held him close as he sobbed incoherently into her throat. He was a spent, wasted man. He had nothing left to give. She knew he had given everything he had in those moments before his release. She had made sure that she milked every drop of his seed. She was crying with him. She was crying for him. “There there now baby,” she whispered. “I love you, and I want to be with you.” Jacob fell asleep dreaming of falling into a rabbit hole.

When Jacob finally awakened, still lying on top and inside of Lindsay, he was alarmed. Did he crush her? Did he hurt her? Then she moved and raised his head to meet her eyes. “I said I love you,” Lindsay said. “There is another hole you need to explore Alice and please don’t be afraid,” Lindsay begged.

Jacob smiled like a Cheshire cat and said, “No one does, if they think they can get away with it. That’s a lesson you’ll have to learn.”

Down the Rabbit-Hole...
Photograph by Indigo Skye

Soulverbs Writes...

A 41 year old Capricorn, flawed husband of a beautiful daughter, & loving wife. I'm not perfect, but I am seeking perfection. I'm a 1 1/2 year away from my BS in political science. Politics is my passion, but poetry is my love. When I mature a little more, I hope to teach poetry and creative writing to at risk children. I've taken a few creative writing seminars, and a beginning poetry seminar.  My soul whispers to say more.

Check out his blog online at

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I'm No Angel Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations, Mary J. Dressler!

I was a featured guest blogger this weekend on Bianca Sommerland's Author Blog, I'm No Angel.  I had a fabulous time- thank you, Bianca, for this opportunity to share my work with your readers.  I shared a free read, The Man Downstairs

It's always exciting to have a chance to reach a new audience.  As my blog tour progresses, stay tuned here for updates, news and giveaways!  

Saturday I announced that I would gift a copy of Her Captive Muse to a randomly-chosen commenter on Bianca's blog.  I've chosen Author Mary J. Dressler as the lucky winner!  Thank you to everyone who read my story, wrote a comment, or tweeted about my work. More chances to win in March!

This week, I'll be featuring some hot new fiction by Soulverbs, who answered the call to continue a sexy story-starter I posted a few weeks ago.  On Saturday the 26th, you're in for a treat- an exclusive interview with Author Madeline Elayne!  Sunday the 27th, stop by the Noble Romance Authors' Blog for my February Guest Blog spot.  I'll be offering up an excerpt from my novel and dishing the dirt about the writing life.


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I'm No Angel...

All aboard!  The next stop on my blog tour for Her Captive Muse is Bianca Sommerland's Author Blog, I'm No Angel.  I'm her guest today, and will be offering up a sexy free read, "The Man Downstairs."  Stop by to comment on my post for a chance to win a copy of my ebook!  I'll announce the winner next week.

Exciting News!  I've just been invited to join the Noble Romance Authors' Blog Tour in April.  I'll be hosting nine of my fellow Noble authors on my blog, and touring their sites to get the word out about my book.  Visit our Blog for details and an itinerary.

Join the party!  You'll have the chance to win author swag and sweet prizes, and I'll be interviewing these talented folks and publishing free reads and excerpts for my followers to enjoy!

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How to Write Books that Sell: A Guest Post by Nina Amir

Welcome Back, Nina!

How to Write Books that Sell to Publishers and to Readers

By Nina Amir

Many aspiring nonfiction authors see book proposals as a necessary evil. This document serves as a means to an end. They must write one so their agent can present their book idea to publishers or so they can do so themselves.

In fact, both nonfiction writers who plan independently publishers their books and those who seek traditional publishing deals should consider composing a nonfiction book proposal as a necessarily process. By going through all the sections of a nonfiction book proposal and at least composing a draft document, writers not only hone their book ideas, they figure out if their proposed book has any market potential, if it needs to be re-crafted or re-angled to make it more saleable and readable, or if it needs to be thrown in the circular file—the trash can. Additionally, they get a handle on the market, the competition, and on what they need to do not as writers but as business people to help promote and sell their books.

Once finished with the proposal process, aspiring authors know if they have a book idea with any potential of becoming successful in the marketplace and if they have what it takes to make that book successful. Armed with that knowledge, they then can begin writing a book that should, indeed, succeed.

If you are thinking of writing a nonfiction book, begin by going through the book proposal process before you write one word. You won't regret it. In fact, you'll be grateful. In addition to giving you clarity on what your book is about, the process also offers you the chance to detail the contents of every chapter. Coupled with the “overview” of your book, a proposal section that provides a book pitch, word count, and a description of your books benefits and special features, you create a an outline perfect for guiding you through writing your book.

Thus, when you've completed all the steps of the proposal process, you'll be ready to write a book that sells to publishers and to readers—one that succeeds.

About the Author:

Nina Amir, Your Inspiration-to-Creation Coach, inspires writers to create the results they desire—published products and careers as writers. She is an author, freelance editor, and writing and author coach who blogs at Write Nonfiction NOW, How to Blog a Book, As the Spirit Moves Me, and writes the National Jewish Issues and the National Self-Improvement columns for Her blogs also appear at and She is the founder of Write Nonfiction in November, a blog and a challenge to start and finish a work of nonfiction in 30 days. Find out more about her services at CopyWright Communications.

Read another post by Nina Amir here.

Follow Nina on:

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Guest Blog by Nina Amir

Indigo Skye: Ink and Art
Welcomes Nina Amir!

20 Things To Do Before You Turn in Finished Written Work

By Nina Amir

As you near the completion of any fiction or nonfiction writing project—book, article, essay, e-book, short story, or blog post—you want to ensure you turn in or publish your best work. What needs to happen before what you’ve written gets sent out to a literary agent, acquisition editor, or publication editor, or before you publish it yourself?

As a journalist, blogger and self-published author, I constantly have to think about the quality of work I send out or self-publish. This does not just mean the quality of my writing. It also means whether I send out material that has been fact checked, proof read and formatted correctly. I have to ensure I’ve met word counts, sent along photos, quoted people correctly, and spelled names and companies correctly as well—not to mention that I have to be sure I’ve made sense and gotten my point across succinctly. On top of this, I have to self-edit my work to guarantee I’ve used strong sentence structure and produced a grammatically unflawed piece. Of course, I also have to produce writing that people want to read, which means it must offer value on some level.

If you can afford to hire an editor or proofreader before you say “finished,” that’s always best. However, not everyone can do so, and even I don’t always have the time or money for that for many of my projects or blogs. For this reason, over the years I’ve come up with a check list of things all writers should ask themselves before they actually say their projects are finished and turn them in, send them off for consideration or publish them. The checklist doesn’t provide a foolproof methodology, but it reduces about 95 percent of the errors you would have otherwise.

Nina Amir’s Finished Work Check List

Prior to sending out your manuscript, read it and then ask yourself the following questions.

1. What is it about?

2. What promises did I intent to make to the reader?

3. Did I fulfill those promises?

If you can’t say what your piece is about in 15-50 words, what you have written probably isn’t well focused. If you haven’t fulfilled your promises to the reader—such as offered them solutions or benefits, your manuscript has no purpose. While this holds especially true for nonfiction, even fiction and memoir can (and should) offer value to the reader.

To improve your writing one-hundred fold, do these two steps:

4. Search out every passive verb in your piece and changed it to an active verb, or change the sentence construction to allow for an active verb and stronger sentence construction.

5. Tighten each sentence by cutting out unnecessary words.

If you don’t understand passive verbs, get a good grammar book or look on Google. This one lesson will save you tons of editing fees with a good editor. (If passive sentences remain in your work, it remains flat and uninteresting. Strong writing equates to writing that employs active sentences.)

Next, ask yourself these questions:

6. Have I said what I meant to say?

7. Have I written as concisely as possible?

8. Have I written as simply as possible?

9. Can every reader understand the terminology I have used?

10. Have a used the style appropriate for this publication?

11. Is the article or book the correct length?

12. Are all the names spelled correctly?

13. Is my conclusion as strong as my lead or introduction?

14. Is the manuscript formatted correctly?

If you have done these things, your manuscript should be in good shape.

To catch any mistakes or typos, do the following:

15. Read it aloud to find errors you might miss when proofreading or editing on the hardcopy or on the computer screen.

16. Let it sit for a few days or more, and then reread it to help you edit with more perspective.

17. Run the spell check function.

Finally, do these two additional steps:

18. Read the piece with a critical eye—the eye of someone really looking for errors and problems with the piece.

19. Ask someone else—maybe two or three people—to read your piece.

If you go through all 19 points on this check list, you’ll submit much more “finished” work than you would if you didn’t bother to take the time to do so.

I include this last step because I’ve rarely found a finished work that couldn’t be improved in some way—a word changed or one typo fixed.

20. Forgive yourself when you find a mistake in the work you’ve turned in or published.

It’s not the end of the world. You might still land the literary agent, get the publishing contract, receive the article assignment, or win the writing contest. We all make mistakes. Most of us still succeed, and so will you. If your work comes back, correct the mistake and send it out again.

About the Author

Nina Amir, Your Inspiration-to-Creation Coach, inspires writers to create the results they desire—published products and careers as writers. She is an author, freelance editor, and writing and author coach who blogs at Write Nonfiction NOW, How to Blog a Book, As the Spirit Moves Me, and writes the National Jewish Issues and the National Self-Improvement columns for Her blogs also appear at and She is the founder of Write Nonfiction in November, a blog and a challenge to start and finish a work of nonfiction in 30 days. Find out more about her services at CopyWright Communications.

Follow Nina on:

Nina Amir is the author of the forthcoming book, Evaluate Your Book for Success! 9 Steps Every Writer Must Take to Guarantee an Idea has What it Takes to Attract Readers and Publishers.
CopyWright Communications is located in Los Gatos, CA 95033, and anyone with questions is encouraged to call 408-353-1943.

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Lucy Felthouse Spreads Her Wings!

A Note from Indigo Skye:

I'm thrilled to support Lucy Felthouse in her new business venture, Writer Marketing.  I first became acquainted with her through the Uniform Behavior project, finding her to be an amazing editor and talented wordsmith.  She's just made the leap and has launched her own PR and web-design business.  Here are all the juicy details, in Lucy's own words...

Lucy Felthouse
Author, Editor, and Marketing Genius

I graduated from the University of Derby with a BA Hons in Creative Writing. I’m a published fiction and non-fiction writer with many credits to my name – and hopefully many more to come!
I’ve been working in PR and Marketing since graduating in 2006 and since then have learnt a great deal about online and offline promotion. I’ve applied this knowledge to the promotion of myself and my work, and discovered I’m damn good at it!

As someone who has insider knowledge of journalism, PR, reading, reviewing and writing, I’m in a good position to assess the market, and find out where and how your book should be promoted for maximum exposure.

My services aren’t limited to writers, however. If you have a service or product that you are interested in having me promote, please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask the question. I look forward to hearing from you.

Find out more about my services at!

Lucy Felthouse would love to hear from you.  Connect with her online here...

Writer Marketing Services:

Author Site:

Erotica For All:


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Happy Valentine's Day!

We have a winner!  Congratulations, C.M.! You are the lucky winner of a copy of my e-book, Her Captive Muse, and a $25 Eden Fantasys gift card! To determine the winner, we asked contestants to answer one little question…What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

Winner C.M. writes…

The most unusual place I’ve ever had sex was in a vacant barn- or so we thought! (Yes we were caught!) We did it on the loft in the hay, in the middle of the day during a walk we were talking! Even though it was years ago, I can picture it as if it was yesterday.

We so will never forget this, LOL. My hubby sometimes still teases me and says 'someone's coming!'

And I don't know if he is teasing me, um you know, either someone is coming in or...'someone is' cumming, LOL! He's hilarious since this happened and we laugh 27 years later!!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Thanks for playing! All contestants received a free download of my erotic short story, Cherry Boy! Missed the contest? Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of chances to win more great prizes as my blog tour continues this spring. And, as a special treat for readers, you can check out Cherry Boy on today’s Noble Romance Authors’ Blog. I’ll be sharing a free read and some sexy story starters in celebration of Valentine’s Day!

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Last Chance to Enter Valentine's Day Giveaways!

Today is your last chance to enter two fabulous Valentine's Day Giveaways! 

Indigo Skye: Ink and Art and Eden Fantasys are teaming up to make your Valentine's Day the hottest yet! One lucky contestant will win a copy of my book, Her Captive Muse, and a $25 Eden Fantasys Gift Card.  Wondering how you can win?  It's easy.  Just answer one little question...

What's the most unusual place you've ever had sex? 

Send your answer via email to for a chance to win.  Each participant will receive a free download of my short story, Cherry-Boy, just for playing.  I'll post the winner here tomorrow, with a special shout-out on my Valentine's Day Noble Romance Authors' Blog guest post as well.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Noble Romance is giving away all kinds of sweet prizes, donated by their team of generous and talented authors.  Click here for all the juicy details about the Noble Romance Valentine's Day Giveaway.

My author swag? I'll be giving away copies of my new book, Her Captive Muse.  I'm so excited to participate in this fabulous online event.  Wishing you all a sexy Valentine's Day!

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The Allure of the Shy Guy

I’ve lately been intrigued by the quiet, shy, smoldering type. You know the kind of guy I’m talking about, right? He’s the one who won’t say a word all night, but only stands on the fringes of things looking at you in an uncomfortably intense way, like he knows the innermost workings of your soul.

I’ve always fantasized about deflowering a shy, inexperienced young man, teaching him all the mysteries and pleasures of the bedroom. I want to be a sexual priestess, initiating them into manhood. That was my original impetus for writing the short story, Cherry Boy.

During my stint as a Phone-Sex Goddess, there were many times when the caller wouldn’t- or couldn’t- say a word. Stunned into silence by my sexy voice, he would choke. When this happened, I didn’t panic. I didn’t try to make him speak, knowing this would only make him hang up in terror. I’d been trained to handle just such an emergency.

I purred, “Is that a shy guy on the line? It turns me on to know you’re out there, listening…” Then I’d launch into a fantasy and get myself off, while he listened attentively. I was intrigued by these shy guys, and they soon became my favorite callers. It gave me a sense of power to know I could intimidate (and stimulate) someone so completely. My seductive stories wove a spell, and they were helpless, enchanted. I bonded with my Inner Dominatrix, predatory and irresistible. It was even better when my smoky, sexy voice could draw them out of their shells, make them speak up at last.

For years I dated the center-of-attention guys, the class clowns, life of the party. It was difficult not to. They're everywhere, and they take up so much oxygen in a room there’s hardly any air for anyone else to breathe. (Braggarts, bastards, bullies- and all of them were bad in bed.) You have to look at them, the way you have to look at a train-wreck or a bad stand-up comedian- it’s so awful your eyes don’t know where else to go.

I recently attended a party on Durango's illustrious South Side- not some sophisticated soiree with chilled champagne and fancy canap├ęs, but the kind of party where people do keg-stands and pick fights. At this party, I noticed the usual assortment of drunken assholes- the sort of guy I would have gone home with, in the past.

That night, they just didn’t interest me- they seemed interchangeable, boring, predictable. Alpha males, trying to establish dominance in the pack. These are the guys who spit when they talk, throw up in the bathtub, flirt with your best friend, and pinch your ass on the way out the door, going, “Great party.” They all seemed the same, the way brothers seem the same- but these guys weren’t brothers, they were just drunk.

After several tedious conversations with these so-called alpha males, I noticed a couple of other guys standing on the fringes. They looked uncomfortable in their own skins, like they didn’t know anyone and weren’t sure if they were in the right place. Because I often feel awkward at parties (I’m just better at hiding it), I struck up random conversations with each of them at different points during the night. John was cuttingly sarcastic, hilarious. He made me laugh, and he looked at me like I was the only woman in the room worth talking to. I found him funny, self-deprecating and interesting, if a little awkward. The kind of guy who doesn’t fake a smile, doesn’t even know how. I saw him smile, laugh for the first time all night- a genuine smile, a real laugh.

The quiet guy with his back against the wall, holding a drink- the kind of guy who won’t say anything unless he’s actually got something of substance to say, the one who’s watching the action from the edge of the crowd- he’s the one I want.  It's not the dude who’s trying to impress me with overblown drunken stories and manly braggadocio. (Not him, please!  I've dated him before, like fifty times.  He’s boring, and he can’t fuck.)  I want the quiet shy one, the one who looks at me intently without saying a word, trying to work up the nerve to make a move. Alpha males with their territorial pissings bore me to death.
The second shy guy- Thomas- wasn’t shy at all, once I struck up a conversation with him. We talked about writing, art, food, career aspirations- a real conversation. He wasn’t trying to get into my pants in some obvious, sophomoric way. He didn’t pinch my ass, or stare at my tits instead of making eye contact. His approach was more subtle- if it was an approach at all. He asked about my book, said he’d always wanted to write. Our conversation was interesting and surprisingly deep, given the circumstances.

Of all the people I talked to that night, only the ones who weren’t trying to be noticed had anything memorable to say. Let this be a lesson to me. The next time I’m at a party, I will remember this- the most interesting men aren’t the ones hamming it up for the crowd. Instead, I’ll look for the shy guy, the one standing on the edge of the action, waiting for me to notice him. He’s the one going home with my digits!

-Indigo Skye

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Baking of a Trollop Cupcake

Author Notes:

When I first set out to submit a post for Indigo Skye: Ink and Art, I set out to write about an sexual encounter I had- namely a first date with a man who rocked my socks so hard- I was naked 1hour 40 into date. But when I sat down, put finger to keys, what came out was nothing close to what I was prepared to write. I hope you will enjoy a very real look inside of me.

I am not always a trollop cupcake, sometimes I am just a broken hearted girl with icing smeared on her.

I am an extremely damaged person, I know it, I own it. I was involved in a 7 year relationship that was a love rollercoaster, the highs were high and the lows were low- it was really a textbook bipolar romance. I spent years convincing myself that I loved this man and eventually we would grow up. I have. He hasn’t.

For many years, I tried to run away from him. And as all bipolar romances go, every time I ran, he would chase me. I loved that. I loved being chased. Eventually I stopped running, convinced that he and I were ready to stop with the ‘open relationship’ and buckle down and start a family. I think it was summer or fall four years ago (sadly I cannot remember) that I said yes to a proposal of marriage. I think we were thinking summer wedding, followed by my moving to Lafayette, Louisiana- where his family is from.

We always talked of marriage and our future together. We always dated other people. We or I at least always thought we would always be together.

I still have the ring. The three glistening stones were supposed to mean- past, present, future but they really meant nothing. A vacation a few months after the proposal he revealed to me that he had just recently taken a paternity test. This paternity test was for a child a few years old and would also serve to match DNA for an unborn child from a woman who was only a few months along.

Devastated. I did not run away this time; I walked and I never looked back.

I mean I really never looked back. For a year I had no contact with him. I did not need closure; I did not have any unanswered questions- I cut him out of my life completely. I was done with it!

Just last month, someone asked me, if I had difficulty forming intimate connections with just one person. He prefaced this question by telling me that he thought I was someone who made a connection with the world but kept her distance from individuals. How right he is!

I was devastated, broken hearted but not broken. I healed, glued the pieces of my heart back together and wholeheartedly accepted love into my life. Or at least I tried to. Healing was and is a very long and tedious process for me. I do a lot of yoga, meditation, and drinking.

I have had several relationships in the past 4 years and all have ended in explosions of failure. My heart was still healing and beating strong and the breakups did not seem to really have an affect on me.

Then along came a man with whom I fell madly in love with and who shattered my healing heart into dust. He said he would never hurt me and I believed him, we were good friends after all. And as luck would have it- I am so toxic to him that he cannot even accept me as a friend.


I pick up the particles of dust that were once my healing heart and try to mend it back together.

I, for now anyways, will just try to enjoy my life without romantic love.

All I know is that you're so nice

You're the nicest thing I've seen

I wish that we could give it a go

See if we could be something

I wish I was your favourite girl

I wish you thought I was the reason you are in the world

I wish my smile was your favourite kind of smile

I wish the way that I dressed was your favourite kind of style

I wish you couldn't figure me out

But you always wanna know what I was about

I wish you'd hold my hand

When I was upset

I wish you'd never forget

The look on my face when we first met

I wish you had a favourite beauty spot

That you loved secretly

'Cause it was on a hidden bit

That nobody else could see

Basically, I wish that you loved me

I wish that you needed me

I wish that you knew when I said two sugars,

Actually I meant three

I wish that without me your heart would break

I wish that without me you'd be spending the rest of your nights awake

I wish that without me you couldn't eat

I wish I was the last thing on your mind before you went to sleep

Look, all I know is that you're the nicest thing I've ever seen

And I wish that we could see if we could be something

Yeah I wish that we could see if we could be something

Visit Trollop Cupcake's blog online for more raw, real, fresh and funny musings on sex and love, and everything in-between...

Follow her hilarious and snarky tweets on Twitter...!/Trollop_Cupcake

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Write What You See...

Writers are often instructed to write what they know.  This limits even the best writer to a tunnel-vision perspective.  I encourage you to write what you don't know.  Write what you dream, imagine, hope, fear, and suspect.  When I say write what you see, I mean you must learn to trust your inner vision.  To trust the pen, and follow wherever the story leads you. 

You can't write a single decent line until the story comes alive in your mind.  Take a few moments to imagine the details of each character- what they need, what they desire.  What would they kill for, die for?  When they start surprising you and getting into all sorts of trouble, you'll know you're ready to work. 

Expand your vision to include the tiniest details of the setting.  How does it look, feel, smell?  Once you can imagine it, you can begin to create that world on paper for your readers.  Start by peeping through a keyhole, and focus on one thing at a time.  Gradually widen your perspective until it encompasses the room, the house, the whole world you are creating.  Let the story unfold like a mind-movie, a private screening just for you, and write it all down.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Congratulations, Miss Bond!

Author of erotica and romance, Rebecca Bond, has recently launched her new website. Pay her a visit and sample excerpts from her published stories, free tasty tales of lust and desire, and read all the latest news about her adventures around town at

If you enjoyed Rebecca's steamy contribution to the anthology, Uniform Behavior, I know you'll want to check out her website.  Readers will be pleased to know Rebecca is currently penning a sequel to her sexy tale, "Trippin' the Light Fantastic."  She assures me it will be winging its way to Indigo Skye: Ink and Art very soon!  Rebecca, congratulations on your new website!

Wishing you all the best,

Indigo Skye

Monday, February 7, 2011

"The Man Downstairs" Featured as a Free Read on The House of Elyot!

This weekend, I had the privelege of being hosted on The House of Elyot, Justine Elyot's author blog.  She shared one of my short stories with her followers here.  The Man Downstairs is a spooky, sexy read with a hint of the supernatural. 

I'll be posting other free reads, interviews, and guest blogs as my blog tour for Her Captive Muse continues.  If you missed last week's exclusive interview with Romance Reviews Today, read it here

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Inspiration and Discipline

"You can't wait for inspiration.  You have to go after it with a club."

-Jack London

Today, as I reflect on my creative journey, I am inspired by the London quote above.  I have often been approached by dewy-eyed novices, who ask me where I get my ideas.  The truth is, I don't know where they come from- and neither does anyone else. Anyone who says different is trying to sell you something. 

When I'm in The Zone and the ideas are flowing freely, inspiration arrives fully formed in a neat little package.  It's like taking dictation- all I have to do is listen to the little voices in my head, and write everything down.  Other days, it's not so easy.  I've got to go out and hunt it down, clock it over the head, and drag it back my lair.  It's hard, dangerous work...but it must be done.  (Ask anyone who's ever tried to meet a deadline!) 

When inspiration fails, discipline will carry you through the wastelands on its back.  Discipline is a priceless tool in any writer's toolbox.  Trying to create a writing career without it is nearly impossible.  Inspiration will only take you so far.  Could you build a house without using a hammer?

What Color Is Your Inspiration?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Her Captive Muse Blog Tour Dates For February!

Let's Celelebrate!!!

February 3rd, I'll be dishing the dirt about my new book in an intimate interview with Patti Fischer of Romance Reviews Today.  Stop by and join the fun!

Friday, February 4th: The House of Elyot

Friday, February 11th: The Mighty Charlotte Stein

Valentine's Day: Noble Authors' Blog

February 19th: I'm No Angel

February 27th: Noble Authors' Blog

I'm celebrating the release of my book with a contest for readers!  Enter to win a $25 gift card and a copy of Her Captive Muse here.

Stay tuned for all the juicy details as new dates are added.  Want to get involved?  Email me at for more information.