Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blisse Kiss With Heart Giveaway

I'm returning to the blogosphere with a fabulous giveaway for my readers. This week, I'm participating in Blisse Kiss With Heart, the brainchild of Victoria Blisse. She's asking authors to post up kissing scenes from their hottest fiction and offer prizes for readers. Here's the kicker- each excerpt you read during Blisse Kiss With Heart is taken from a book which donates some of the proceeds to charity. 

My story, "True Confession," was included in Lucy Felthouse's short erotica collection, Uniform Behaviour. This project donates a portion of all sales to the UK charity, Help For Heroes. I'm proud to participate in this worthy event- and I'm in great company. Check Victoria's site here for more fantastic fiction from today's hottest authors, and win some great prizes!

I'll be giving away copies of my first novel, Her Captive Muse, to anyone who comments on my posted excerpt. Don't forget to include your email address so I can get in touch with the lucky winners! I'll also be giving three lucky winners a copy of my short story, Cherry-Boy. To enter, just comment on this post! I will distribute prizes on March 31st, so watch my blog for details.

Excerpt from "True Confession"
By Indigo Skye

I hear the sound of Father Matthew's footsteps, hurrying up the stairs behind me. He grabs my arm too tight. "You're putting me in an impossible position," he says fiercely.

"Impossible positions? If you wanna talk dirty, let's go back to my place," I tease, making him laugh.

"I can't stop myself from having impure thoughts about you. Even in my dreams, you tempt me," he confesses.

"That's what I do best," I grin. He tries to resist; I up the ante. Tempting him further, I press against him, giving him a teasing little kiss. I lean close, arching against him in the narrow stairwell. He moans when I slip my tongue into his mouth. I feel the hard length of his cock through the fabric of my trench-coat, pressing urgently against me.

I unbutton my coat slowly. "I have a surprise for you," I grin, revealing a sexy little Catholic school-girl uniform- a white blouse and my rosary; my St. Columba's sweater and a plaid skirt; come-fuck-me heels.

"I'm a bad girl," I purr, dropping my coat to the floor. "I need a spanking. Punish me..."

"Why?" he asks. "You look like a good girl to me."

"I'm a sinner... and I have a confession to make." I drop my little black sweater at his feet. He cups my left breast, moaning.

"Tell me more..." he says, with a naughty grin.

"I have sexy dreams about you. I touch myself and pretend that you're watching me. I think about fucking you all the time," I whisper, unzipping his fly.

"You should pray for forgiveness," he whispers.

"You might be right about that." Smiling wickedly, I lead Matthew to the top of the stairs and kneel before him. "Bless us O Lord, and these, thy gifts, which we are about to receive…and receive again…" I murmur, worshipping his cock with my tongue.