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How to Write Books that Sell: A Guest Post by Nina Amir

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How to Write Books that Sell to Publishers and to Readers

By Nina Amir

Many aspiring nonfiction authors see book proposals as a necessary evil. This document serves as a means to an end. They must write one so their agent can present their book idea to publishers or so they can do so themselves.

In fact, both nonfiction writers who plan independently publishers their books and those who seek traditional publishing deals should consider composing a nonfiction book proposal as a necessarily process. By going through all the sections of a nonfiction book proposal and at least composing a draft document, writers not only hone their book ideas, they figure out if their proposed book has any market potential, if it needs to be re-crafted or re-angled to make it more saleable and readable, or if it needs to be thrown in the circular file—the trash can. Additionally, they get a handle on the market, the competition, and on what they need to do not as writers but as business people to help promote and sell their books.

Once finished with the proposal process, aspiring authors know if they have a book idea with any potential of becoming successful in the marketplace and if they have what it takes to make that book successful. Armed with that knowledge, they then can begin writing a book that should, indeed, succeed.

If you are thinking of writing a nonfiction book, begin by going through the book proposal process before you write one word. You won't regret it. In fact, you'll be grateful. In addition to giving you clarity on what your book is about, the process also offers you the chance to detail the contents of every chapter. Coupled with the “overview” of your book, a proposal section that provides a book pitch, word count, and a description of your books benefits and special features, you create a an outline perfect for guiding you through writing your book.

Thus, when you've completed all the steps of the proposal process, you'll be ready to write a book that sells to publishers and to readers—one that succeeds.

About the Author:

Nina Amir, Your Inspiration-to-Creation Coach, inspires writers to create the results they desire—published products and careers as writers. She is an author, freelance editor, and writing and author coach who blogs at Write Nonfiction NOW, How to Blog a Book, As the Spirit Moves Me, and writes the National Jewish Issues and the National Self-Improvement columns for Her blogs also appear at and She is the founder of Write Nonfiction in November, a blog and a challenge to start and finish a work of nonfiction in 30 days. Find out more about her services at CopyWright Communications.

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