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An Exclusive Interview with Madeline Elayne

A Note From Indigo:

I first became acquainted with author Madeline Elayne when we both contributed stories to the Uniform Behavior anthology. 

Author Madeline Elayne

This sexy siren has graciously agreed to an exclusive interview...enjoy!

Q: When did you first realize you were born to write smutty stories?

A: I'm a smut junkie, but I have cravings for different styles of erotica, as if they were chocolate fudge brownie chunk ice cream. One day, I had just recently reread everything that appealed to me on my bookshelf, and while I wanted to buy some more, I was broke. So I decided to try writing some. I wrote two, actually, D/s stories for a couple of anthology calls for submission by the same editor. Several months later I found out that while one was turned down, the other had been accepted! I guess I figured that one might have been a fluke because I didn't actually catch the “writing bug” until the third story I dared to submit got accepted, too!

Q: What's your favorite way to make your readers all hot and bothered?

A: I love delving into that moment when two (or more!) characters realize that they just have to have each other right that very minute, and that the feeling is mutual. What was it that turned the other on? A look, an accidental touch, a smell, a bold proposition? But more importantly, what clued them in to the fact that the other person felt the same way? Consent is damn sexy, if you ask me, and I don't really ever see myself writing a non-con story. It would be missing my biggest turn-on!

Q: If you could have a hot one-night stand with one of your characters, who would you choose and why?

A: Hm. Well I wrote a story last year about a transman rope bottom named Mike that I fell in lust with as soon as his description hit my keyboard. If he were real, I would jump him right this very second! But since he's sitting on an editor's desk right now in a submissions pile, I'll be nice and pick someone else too.

I have a story just out recently in Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex, and the love interest, Cara, is one hot cookie. (Speaking of cookies, she bakes, too!) I definitely wouldn't mind taking her home so she could *cough* bake *cough* for me!

Q: Tell us about your story in the erotica anthology, Uniform Behavior? How did you get involved with this project?

A: Entirely by accident, actually. I was being my usual procrastinatrix self and link-hopping so that I could avoid for a few more minutes something or other that I didn't want to be doing when I stumbled across Lucy's call for submissions. Unfortunately, the deadline listed was the day before I found the page! It looked interesting anyway, and so I bookmarked the page and did the usual adding it to my rss feed and adding her to twitter, etc.

Boy, was I glad I did! The very next day, she put out a tweet saying that she was extending the deadline.  Surprisingly- considering that it was a project for UK charity Help for Heroes- she didn't have enough good armed forces submissions!

Well, that just wasn't going to do, at all, so I set my dirty little mind to thinking, and I came up with the Weight of Duty. I figured that a gunner on the Canadian National Gun Runner team falling in lust with a pipe band drummer wasn't going to be too close to anything already submitted, but that it would still fill a niche for more delicious army bucks!

Q: Favorite position?

A: Sex-positive, LGBTQ-friendly, and pro-feminist.

... OH! You mean a sexual position? Geez, just one? Probably one involving my partner being tied to something very sturdy with lots and lots of braided nylon rope. Num!

Q: Most unusual place you've ever had sex?

A: On a back therapy inversion table in my parent's basement while we were housesitting. Not easy to do unless you're a member of Cirque de Soleil. I wouldn't recommend it.

Q: What's on the horizon- any new projects you're especially excited about?

A: TONS! I've officially hit the 50K mark on a novel I'm writing, and I have a single-author short story collection that I'm slugging away at, too, as well as several submissions out and on their way out to fabulous purveyors of smut.

The thing I'm most excited about, though, is a project that's happening right here in my home town. Fredericton, despite being the second gayest city in North America per capita, (after San Francisco, of course) has only had an official Pride week since last year. This year, we want Pride,a celebration of all things LGBTQ and more, to be even better!

In order to help make this happen, Fredericton Pride is going to be putting out two erotic anthologies (one of short stories, and the other of poetry) in order to raise funds to put on an unforgettable event. I'm insanely excited to be a part of this project!)  If you'd like to be part of the fun, there is a call for submissions out on my blog:

Author Bio:

Sometime in 2009, Madeline Elayne was devastated to find that she’d run out of new kinky smut to read, and so decided to try writing her own. Being a masochist, now she can’t figure out how to stop. You can find free reads of hers on, EroticaForall, and Circlet press, as well as on her blog,

Madeline Wants Readers to Know...

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