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Guest Blog by Ciara Dallas!

Hi everyone! I'm Ciara Dallas and I'm happy to be here today. A big thank you to Indigo for inviting me to crash her blog for a day! I've brought with me a little discussion on writing prompts for a sexy scene. I know some writers struggle when their characters reach that point in their relationship. For me, they are my favorite scenes to write.

So, when Indigo asked if I'd be willing to provide some writing prompts or a free read.... I ended up with both. As I tried to think of sex scene writing prompts, a short piece flooded my thoughts and I had to write it out.

First I thought of where I wanted the couple to hook up. I got the idea of quickie in the alley.

Then the following questions came to mind:

Who put who there?

Were they both willing to go into the alley?

Were they there on purpose?

Did something in the alley grab their attention?

Where did they come from before they got to the alley?

Where were they going?

Why couldn't they wait?

What position are they in?

Do they do it quick and dirty or slow and sensual?

What are they wearing?

See, sometimes my mind works a bit... backwards. At least when I'm thinking about a very short piece, I start with formulating the sex scene, then try to rewind it... which brings me to more questions!

Why are they together tonight?

How'd they meet?

What attracted them to each other?

After I ran those questions, my answers told a story. A bare bones story that I fleshed out a bit from there. Are you ready to read the result?

* * *

First Date by Ciara Dallas

Julia wasn't the type to have sex on the first date. In fact, she rarely went beyond kissing until the fifth date. It's not that she didn't like sex. She enjoyed it immensely, but letting a man know her so intimately - be so close - wasn't something she took lightly. That is, until she met Marcus.

The first time she laid eyes on him, oh how he sent her heart fluttering. It was at her cousin Nick's 30th birthday party. Marcus was at the snack table, balancing a small paper plate on top of a beer can, trying to load it up. She thought it was cute the way he sampled everything before adding it to his plate. The last thing he sampled was Nick's famous chili cheese dip. Well, it was the last thing he tried to sample since most of the cheese splattered across the front of his shirt before the chip even reached is lips.

His eyes met her gaze, his cheeks reddened with embarrassment. She quickly offered to help attend to the mess before the stain set. Without question, he pulled his shirt off and handed it to her. Julia's mouth went dry at the sight of his muscular arms and chiseled abs. He was good looking with his dark hair and eyes, but she wasn't expecting such a delectable body hidden beneath his shirt.

After her initial jaw drop, they cleaned up his shirt and introduced themselves. Running his name through her memory bank, she was certain he wasn't part of the family. Hell, with a hot body like that it'd be impossible to believe. Yet, she was relieved to find out he was one of Nick's co-workers. And even better, he wanted to meet her for drinks sometime.

That sometime was tonight. It'd gone quite well, but Julia began to worry about him being too nice. He hadn't tried to make a move on her. She was used to rebuffing sexual advances, testing a man's patience and measuring his desire by the continued hunt. She liked making them think they finally broke down her wall, that she could no longer resist them.

That she was giving in.

Julia and Marcus walked arm and arm down the street, leaning against each other as they meandered along the sidewalk. Casting him a sidelong glance, Julia imagined him without his shirt on again. She longed to run her tongue over his chest. The thought made her hot.

"You're just a few blocks north, right?" He looked at her for confirmation.

"Why won't you kiss me?" she blurted out. Stupid buzz killed her internal filter.

Marcus slowed down, uncertain how to respond. He didn't turn to face her. "Well, uh, y'see..." Nervously, he ran his free hand through his hair. "Nick said to, uh, take it... easy-er, slow. With you." He flashed her a sheepish grin.

Mentally, Julia slapped herself on the forehead. Why did Nick bother saying anything? He didn't understand the game. The reason. The need. However, the lack of pursuit was making her want Marcus even more. Her increasingly damp panties were undeniable proof.

They continued walking in awkward silence. The streetlights shone on his face, his eyes gleaming. He was so pleasing to look at. As they approached a dark alley, Julia tugged on Marcus' arm, leading him into it.

"What are you doing?"

"I-I can't wait. I want you. I want you now." She wrapped her arms around his neck, catching him off guard as her mouth sought his. It took a few moments before their lips and tongues worked properly together. Never before had she enjoyed the taste of pretzels and beer as much as now.

Marcus broke the kiss first. "Wow. This is not what I was expecting."

Julia tilted her head to the side. "Oh?"

"I don't mean... it's not a bad thing."

Grinning, she breathed into his ear, "Oh, but I can be a very, very bad thing."

Marcus pressed his lips to her neck, attempting to suppress a moan. He backed her against a brick wall, groping at her chest. His thumbs rubbed her hardened nipples through her blouse. She feared they would tear a hole right through the material. She moaned, clawing at his shirt, untucking and unbuttoning it until her hands met smooth, hot flesh.

Julia felt out of control, driven by her overwhelming desire and craving to be filled by this man. This man she barely knew. This man who tried to respect her on the first date. She fumbled with the button of his pants. His warm breath gasped into her ear as her fingers encircled his lengthening erection. Impressive, he was well equipped too.

She heard the disappointment in his sigh as she released him from her grip. "Take me. Fill me. Now!" she panted, hiking her skirt up around her hips.

"Here? You sure?" He glanced around the alley. It was dark and full of shadows, making it difficult to discern what was there.

"Yesss," she hissed, sticking her hot, wet tongue into his ear.

Marcus pressed against her, snaking his hand between her thighs. He attempted to pulled down her pantyhose without success. With a growl of urgency, he pushed his finger roughly into the crease of her thigh and ripped open the crotch of her stockings. Julia's eyes widened in surprise, but a satisfied smile crossed her face. She explored the nearby area with her foot, finding a crate or box next to her. She propped her foot up on it, spreading her thighs further apart.

Hastily he pushed her panties to the side. Bending his knees slightly, his cock blindly bashed against her outer lips until the head slid into her wetness. Both of their hearts quickened. His cock pulsated within her, the slick walls of her pussy clenched around him. Marcus straightened up, filling her to the hilt. He gripped her hips and thrust in and out roughly, bringing both of them to the brink of orgasm quickly.

Julia banged the back of her head against the brick wall as she tried to arch her back. Her fingers clamped down on his shoulders. She bit her lip, trying not to cry out too loudly. He squeezed her ass, driving into her as they came. Her body went limp. She eased off of his still erect cock.

He kissed her deeply. "Sorry it was so... rushed."

"It was what I needed. Now we can go back to my apartment for another round." They kissed again, lips lingering. "Let's hurry..."

* * *

Ah, sometimes a fast-paced quickie is just what we need.

I hope you enjoyed the story and I hope the writing prompts can help if you're struggling to write a sexy scene.

Want more Ciara? She can be found on Twitter -   or at her blog, Ciara Dallas: Bedtime Stories Never Felt So Good

Friday, October 29, 2010

Story-Starters by Margie Church!

By Margie Church
Now Available from Noble Romance Publishing

Greetings, word fiends and erotica fanatics!  Today, I've got a special treat guaranteed to get your pen moving- three Story Starters by Margie Church, author of Romance with SASS: Suspense, Angst, Seductive Sizzle!  Margie, welcome to Indigo Skye: Ink and Art!

Thank you, Indigo.  Sometimes I've written an entire book based on one sentence issued in a challenge contest. I've also written short stories based on a photo where the challenge was to weave the graphic elements into your tale. Your muse is stuck, you say? You need a little more than a sentence for inspiration? Okay, here are three opening paragraphs. When I came up with them, I had three specific ideas in my head about how these stories might unfold. Change the names, tweak the details, and make the story your own.

1. Chad's S-10 pickup limped into the driveway of Meeker's Auto Repair. The shop was ten miles east of nowhere, smack dab in the middle of the boonies. He was thankful to find the place, especially with a truck that sounded like it was on its last cylinder. When he turned off the ignition, the engine chugged to a halt. He slammed the truck and walked to the open bay door. The scent of oil, exhaust, and automotive rubber wafted out of the garage like a fog. A long pair of legs extended from under the car.


2. Monique and Tia stood outside the Cocoon waiting to get past three angry-looking bouncers. Music from their favorite band, Seriously Dead, pounded through the walls ebbing and flowing every time the door opened.

Monique shifted her weight, feeling the pinch from standing in high heels for over an hour. "The concert is going to be over by the time these goons let us in."

Tia pointed to a man standing behind the bouncers. "See that guy?"

"Yeah, so what?"

"Let's make friends with him."

3. Aster's eyelids flew open and he struggled to focus in abject darkness. Where am I? The last thing he recalled was walking home through the park. Soft breathing nearby alerted his senses. He strained to hear the sound clearly. Unable to make out any of the greasy shapes just out of reach, Aster sat up and felt around him. His fingers landed on a soft coat. A low-sounding growl made him freeze.

By Margie Church
Now Available from Noble Romance Publishing

Margie Writes:

Tell me what you did with these story starters.  I can't wait!  Visit me at Romance with SASS and experience the books I write – contemporary suspense, erotic romance, and romantic paranormal.

Margie Church has a degree in writing and editing and has been a professional writer and editor for over 25 years. She works as a copywriter and editor for a small direct marketing firm and freelances feature articles for business-to-business magazines.

Her first three novels are erotic suspense in keeping with her moniker: Romance with SASS (Suspense, Angst, Seductive Sizzle). She also writes children's books under the pen name, Margaret Rose.

Margie lives in Minnesota and is married and has two children. Music flower gardening, biking, walking her dog on moonlit nights, nature and making people laugh are some of her passions.
Please visit Margie’s Web site:  You can stay in the know by following Margie's Blog:

Facebook: Margie.Church

Twitter: MargaretRChurch

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Coming Attractions...

This week, Indigo Skye: Ink and Art is offering a few new features, guaranteed to raise some pulses.  I've got a hot new story by Dirk Deeper to unveil- he's been working hard to learn his craft, and he recently sent me an offering that I think readers will love!

What else is in the works?  A trio of juicy story-starters penned by Margie Church, author of Wet and Love Bites.  More fab photos, hot posts, and juicy links to share... stay tuned!

Indigo Skye: Ink and Art
Will Soon Feature
Exclusive Story-Starters by Margie Church!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Exclusive Author Interview with Lucy Felthouse

Indigo Skye: Ink and Art is thrilled to welcome author Lucy Felthouse!  Her sexy short story collection, The Great Outdoors, is an inspiration for nature-lovers that like to do the deed in wild places.  Please see her Author Website for a complete list of publications, reviews, and some sexy free reads!

Felthouse is the creator of Erotica for All, a website for readers, writers, and everyone in between!  She is currently collecting stories for an upcoming anthology, Uniform Behavior.  Interested in submitting a sexy story about someone in uniform?  Check out the Call for Submissions page on her website.

Ms. Felthouse, welcome to Indigo Skye: Ink and Art!

Q: When did you first decide to try your hand at writing erotica?

A: I didn’t decide. I was dared to do it. It was during a conversation at University. I decided to go for it, went home and wrote the story, then showed it to the person that dared me a few days later. It went down incredibly well, and I’ve never looked back.

Q: I understand you wrote your dissertation on erotic literature, and women’s roles in that genre. Care to comment on the changing trends and roles in erotic literature in the new millennium, especially since the advent of Kindle and other eReaders?

A: My dissertation is a few years old now, but summing it up I was basically saying that social attitudes have changed and relaxed and therefore it’s become more acceptable to read erotica. Not only that, it’s become more acceptable to admit to it. Of course, I still don’t think it could be classed as mainstream but the genre is continually growing and that’s for one reason, and one reason only: people are buying it! I think eBooks will help this increase further. Previously, to read erotica you had to either read it on screen or have a physical book. Now, you can load as much erotica onto an eReader as you like, then go and sit in a café, or on the train reading it. Nobody will be any the wiser as to what you’re reading, and you can be smug in the knowledge that you’re reading something naughty in public!

Q: Sounds like you’re a real nature-lover. What inspired you to write The Great Outdoors?

A: Well, the old adage says ‘write what you know.’ I spend a lot of time outdoors, walking and visiting places, and I really enjoy it. So for this reason I think it’s only natural that places I see will inspire me to feature them in stories. Sometimes the characters come first (if you’ll pardon the pun), and I need somewhere for them to do the dirty deed. Other times, I’ll see a place and think ‘that would be a really great place to have sex.’ Lacking the bravery and opportunity to actually do it in some of these places, I settle for second best and have my characters do it instead! If they get caught, it doesn’t really matter!

Q: If you had the chance to meet one of your characters in real life, who would you choose, and why?

A: Ooh, that’s easy. It would have to be the vampire Dane, from my short story Shattered Resistance, which appears in Ravenous Romance’s anthology Fang Bangers. The reason? Well, he’s gorgeous, immortal and everybody knows that vampire sex is the best kind!

I’m actually planning to write more about Dane and his lover Suzy – I want to expand their story into something longer, and also cover their back story. So maybe you’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future!

Q: What’s your best strategy for beating writer’s block?

A: It depends. If I’m just struggling a little, I’ll go and play on Twitter for a while, or play a casual game for a while. If it’s major, I have to take a proper break and come back to it, otherwise I end up writing utter crap that ends up being cut back out again. I have got to the stage where I’m more disciplined than I used to be – but I know I’m not alone when I say I’m a huge procrastinator!

Q: What’s your favorite book to curl up with on a rainy day?

A: There’s no way I could pick just one! I am a huge book buyer, both paperbacks and eBooks. What with that terrible habit and the amount of books I get sent to review, I don’t get the luxury of just having one book I can re-read again and again. I’m always reading something new, sometimes I’m reading several books at once. At the moment I’m reading three – one erotica, one chick lit and one thriller. If I’m not in the ‘mood’ for one of the genres, at least I have another two to choose from!

Q: Any advice for new writers hoping to break into the biz and leave their day-jobs behind?

A: If I had the answer to that – I wouldn’t still be working my day job! I’m currently pinning all my hopes on winning the lottery!

Q: What’s your secret little guilty pleasure- the one luxury you can’t live without?

A: Chocolate. But that’s no secret. I love me some Cadburys.

Q: Your best practices for writing a sex scene that sizzles?

A: Picking the right POV for the story, choosing a tone and sticking with it, and not repeating the same words too much. But don’t take that as gospel – I’m no expert, I’m still learning and hopefully improving!

Q: Famous last words- advice, encouragement and inspiration for our readers…

A: Just go for it. If you’ve got the skill and determination and it’s what you enjoy, keep at it. The erotica/romance community is a fab one to be a part of. Everyone is incredibly supportive and we all give each other encouragement and a boost when we need it. It’s cheesy, but it is like a big happy family.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Exclusive Author Interview with Cathy Yardley

Author Cathy Yardley is an inspiration!  Her sexy novels are a smashing success, and she recently published a guide for writers that's been instrumental in the development of my own work.  Her book, Will Write for Shoes, gave me the courage to try my hand at writing Chick Lit. 

Will Write for Shoes truly freed me to explore a side of my writing that was never given a voice.  We connected online, and I've been following her on Twitter.  When she agreed to grant me an exclusive interview for Indigo Skye: Ink and Art, I was thrilled!  Today, she's here to dish the dirt about prom queens, agents, writer's block, and her newest Harlequin series, The Players' Club.

Q: Your recent post about prom queens really resonated with me- excellent advice. There’s a big temptation for writers to be all things to all people… any thoughts on a few ways budding writers can put down the prom-queen tiara and find their tribe?

A: That post really connected with a lot of people, writers or not. I think that as writers, we’re constantly thinking “I have to reach everyone to make the sales” or “my book could appeal to anyone.” I think that it’s a waste of energy. I truly feel it’s better to figure out who your “right reader” is, and then focus on reaching her. You can do that by thinking about who your perfect reader is, then drawing out what blogs she might read, or where she hangs out, or what else she likes. Then you can focus on connecting with those readers. Also, I think it’s crucial to maintain connection with people who have already shown they’re your right readers: people who say they like your work!

Q: Buzz has it you’re currently working on a blog for writers. I know I’m looking forward to it. Give me all the juicy details! What inspired you to create an online resource for writers? When can we expect this new project to be launched?

A: I haven’t quite launched yet, so this will be more like a teaser. I love talking shop about writing. If I’m at a conference I’ll talk to anyone for hours about it… not just the craft side, but the business side. In my old day job, I was an analyst, and one of my “things” was taking complex and crazy problems and making easy systems to solve them. (I’m compulsive that way, so it worked out.) Being a write-at-home Mom of a four year old, I’ve discovered I have to really focus on making the most of a little focused time, so I’ve created systems that help me: plotting systems, promoting systems, and most of all how to get unstuck in a hurry. I want to be able to share those systems. I also want to share more info on how the publishing industry works, in really simplified terms, and what the changes in the industry means to writers.

Also, I discovered that teaching totally energizes me, so I’m looking forward to offering some “mentoring courses” for authors, giving feedback as well as information. So excited about that!

I should launch in mid October… I’ll let you know soon, and I’ll be posting about it on my own blog, . I’ll also put out a notice on Twitter and Facebook.

Q: Tell me more about your new Harlequin Blaze series, The Players Club. What inspired you to write about these poker-loving playboys and their romantic escapades?

A: I loved the idea of a hero-centered trilogy, and this particular Club is especially fun. It’s a secret society that does all these crazy, adrenaline-addict challenges. They ask the question: if you were going to die in a month, what three things would you want to do? And then, to join the Club, you have one month to do every one of those things. It’s sort of like Dead Poets’ Society meets Fight Club. So much fun!

Q: When will the first novel in the series be released? Do you have any special events planned to promote The Players Club?

A: I don’t have a pub date yet, so no special events planned. But again, I’ll definitely be announcing on my blog, newsletter and other social media!

Q: What’s next? We’d love to dish the dirt about your upcoming projects and new releases. What do you have in store for readers this year?

A: This year, the big thing is the launch of the new writing blog. Next year, The Players’ Club. And I’m currently shopping a new, strange project that I’m so excited about I can hardly stand it. Unfortunately, that’s still secret until I get the word!

Q: Name three things you do to beat writer’s block…

A: I’ve got a few processes that really work for me right now. The first is from a site called . The woman who writes it, Havi, calls it “Meeting your Monsters.” If I’m blocked, it’s not because I’m lazy. It’s because I’m scared of something, or because I’m burned out. So first, I meditate and try to identify what, exactly, I’m afraid of, then try to come up with a compromise, so the fear feels a little better but I’m still able to get work done. If it’s burn out, I work on replenishing myself. That means taking my “soul vitamins,” which could be hanging out with my writer friends, or spending time by myself somewhere. Walking every day and meditating every day definitely helps.

Q: They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Is there any way to prevent these dreaded creative blocks?

A: Taking care of yourself is one thing. The other thing: I truly believe no writer can do it alone. If you don’t have a support network that you check in with on a regular basis, I think that blocks are inevitable.

Q: Many of my readers dream of writing full-time. What’s your advice for fledgling writers hoping to break into the biz?

A: Think about why you want to write full time. Is it because you hate your day job? Because writing isn’t going to just be the art… you’re going to become an entrepreneur, and that means a lot of risk.

If you can’t handle risk, especially being financially insolvent and going for long periods of time with no income, then being a full time writer might not be for you.

If you can handle it, and like the idea of being an entrepreneur as well as an artist, then I think there are a lot of steps you can take toward breaking in. My writing blog will have a lot of information as well as direct instructions to help you write full time.

Q: With so many changes to the industry, do you think it’s necessary for a new writer to obtain an agent to represent her work? Why/why not?

A: I think if you’re serious about being a full time writer, getting a good agent is absolutely necessary. Agents are gatekeepers: most editors look at agents as the first filter. If you’ve got an agent, then they’re not wasting their time with someone who knows nothing about the industry or has a story that isn’t right for them. Also, a good agent knows what editors are looking for, and will be able to target their queries more specifically. When you sell your book, an agent can press for stuff and act as your shield: you get to be good cop, while she acts as bad cop. Finally, your agent should be able to negotiate for the best price as well as retain as many rights as possible. Just reading a book on “being your own agent” might not be enough to protect you. Besides, this is your career. Do you want to do all your own bookkeeping, build your own website, do all of your own promotion, and clean your own house? Even if you’re broke to begin with (and believe me, I feel that one) I think it’s important to look at wise investments. An agent – a good agent – is worth the investment.

Q: What inspires you most?

A: Great stories, in any medium: films, television shows, and of course novels of any genre. I also get a lot of ideas from songs, strangely enough!

Q: What’s your secret formula for a sex scene that sizzles?

A: I have no idea, LOL! I just sort of wing it every time. But I will say if it doesn’t turn you on, it won’t turn anyone else on.

Q: Any final words of encouragement for all those budding novelists out there?

A: Keep writing. Get a group of writers who believe in you, and meet with them often. It’s not about genius: it’s about persistence and sheer, crazed, all-encompassing passion.

Author's Note:
You can connect with Cathy online at Cathy Yardley for the latest news on new releases, interviews, events, and more!  Follow her tweets on Twitter at

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Dialing with Sticky Fingers Excerpt Goes Live!

Happy Friday!  Need a sexy weekend read?  I've just published an excerpt of my book, "Dialing with Sticky Fingers: Confessions of a Phone Sex Goddess" online at Ciara Dallas: Bedtime Stories Never Felt So Good.  My hilarious expose of the phone sex industry is sure to make you laugh, make you squirm, and make you think...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cherry Boy Published by Felicity Gold!

Fabulous news!  My short story, Cherry-Boy, has been published by Felicity Gold.  I was first introduced to her work through her blog, The Erotic Fumblings of Felicity Gold.  Now, she's got her own website, featuring erotic fiction and photos, sexy true confessions, and more. 

I'm thrilled to be one of the authors featured on her Erotic Stories page- and I'm in good company!  There's some very hot stuff posted there, and more to come soon.  She is currently accepting submissions, so get your pen moving and submit something sexy today!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where the Rain is Made...

I've just been perusing Keta Diablo's new YouTube video for her newest Decadent Publishing release, Where the Rain is Made.  It's amazing; very dark, mysterious, and sexy... nicely done, Ms. Diablo. 

Cheers to you!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Queen of the Night Haunts The Erotica Library!

Thrilling news, and just in time for Halloween!  I've just published my poem, Queen of the Night, online.  You'll find it at The Erotica Library.   This piece is an excerpt from a novel I'm currently working on.  It's a work in progress, so you can't find it in bookstores-yet!

My working title is Rachel Bixby, Superstar!  The main character, Rachel, is an ordinary girl with extraordinary talents...she can play the cello like an angel, and she's the most vicious vampire-slayer since Buffy.  When she moves to Las Vegas to pursue a career as a musician, she makes an unsettling discovery- the city is infested with vampires, and her best friend's dating their leader.  What's a girl to do? 

Bubbling over with excitement! Time to celebrate...