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A Sizzling Excerpt from "Monogamy Sucks," by George Pappas

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Chapter Seventeen:

A Real Life Porno Movie with Don and Tonya

February 2

 For the last several weeks, I have struggled to put my sex life back into some kind of perspective. Things just seemed to be getting stranger and I am no closer to fucking my dream girls. Maybe I need to take a break from it all and go back to regular dating. I just don’t know.

February 3

I woke up on Sunday morning with a surging hard on. There was nothing unusual about that. Sunday mornings are one of the horniest times for me, and typically I wake up alone. My mind was swimming with erotic fantasies starring an international cast of beauties: busty, sexy black girls, nasty blondes, tight-bodied Asians, Latinas with big tits and sexy lips with dark tantalizing lipstick. I also fantasized about co-workers and women I met in the bar the night before.

My horny condition gets only worse when I have gone to a bar on Saturday night and struck out. Last night no one wanted to dance with me. I asked a couple women and then gave up and drank instead to forget about my rejection.

I was too tired and drunk the night before to jack off so I relieved my desires in the morning, while imagining fucking a hot Latina with a great ass I saw at the Station bar.

I finally got out of bed at noon and drank some coffee to start my slow process of waking up.

My second phone line rang (the Fuck Line as I like to call it) and I answered it. I typically turn the ringer off and let the voice mail take it, but had I forgotten to shut it off. On the line was a man who said he was Don. I vaguely remembered he had left a couple messages in the past couple of weeks asking if I wanted to fuck his wife.

I told him I was busy and wasn’t sure if I would have the time. I couldn’t tell him the real reason. I was going through post-cum let down. I had no desire. I had shot my load 30 minutes before which was starting to piss me off, so I lied.

“I just got laid last night,” I told him.

“Well that’s cool…but…listen to that. She is sucking my cock. Can you hear that?”

I could hear a slurping sound on the other end of the phone line. Now, it could be the blissful sound of a woman going down on a hard cock, but who knows. With my luck he could be alone on the other end of the phone whacking off and not even have a wife.

“She sucks great cock. Come on over. She’ll suck and fuck you as much as you like. She’s very hot and she is really horny,” he added.

Unbelievable. What bad timing, but what did I have to lose. A little embarrassment was the worst that could happen, and I doubted if his wife was hot anyway. Probably just another ugly skank. I started thinking that maybe I could pull it off if I took a lot of ginseng and vitamin E. After an hour or so, my lust might return.

“All right,” I told him. “I’ll be there.”

They lived in nearby Signal Hill, a small industrial town on the North side of Long Beach. I pounded down enough vitamin E to choke a horse and took some natural male power pills with the fuck herbs, ginseng and horny goat weed. Then I took a shower and put on a threesome porno where two men fucked a sexy blonde woman, double penetrating her ass and pussy. In the following scene, a gang of men took turns fucking another blonde hottie. Slowly, my libido returned and I was horny again by the time I had watched the pornos and finished my shower.

I wasn’t as nervous as I typically was before a swinger adventure and I wasn’t sure why. Maybe I figured things couldn’t get any worse than they already had. I knew one of these days I would find a hot woman who would give me the fuck of my life. It was only a matter of time.

I drove over to their apartment about an hour later. Nagging thoughts of performance anxiety crept up in the back of my mind as I parked my car on a quiet suburban street, but I had no real expectations. In fact, I expected the worst.

Don and Tonya live in a small apartment complex located off Pacific Coast Highway. It is an old surburban tract located in the middle an industrial area of refineries and old oil fields. As I walked toward their place I could hear an oil derrick pumping away in a nearby field.

A stocky guy with a Marine style crew cut greeted me at the door of their apartment. He said he was Don and shook my hand vigorously. He was wearing boxer shorts and a T-shirt.

“Come on in the bedroom. Tonya’s in the bathroom cleaning up. Would like you something to drink?”

I told him no thanks and walked into their bedroom. Apparently, they had been at it all morning. The covers of their king sized bed were pulled back and the sheets were wrinkled and torn off the mattress.

On a mantel, next to the bed were their wedding pictures. It was an uncomfortable reminder that soon I could be fucking another man’s wife in their wedding bed. It felt odd, but also very alluring.

I started removing my clothes and heard Tonya finishing up in the bathroom. A few moments later, Tonya stepped into the bedroom and shyly said hello. She is a knockout, a beautiful twenty something blonde woman with a ponytail. She was naked except for a towel, but I could see she has an incredible body – big tits, long legs, sexy ass. For a second, I thought I had walked into the wrong apartment. There was nothing skanky about Tonya. She was a fantasy fuck girl from head to toe. She is my porn fantasy in the flesh. I could feel my lust returning with a vengeance.

“Where’s Don?” she asked.

“In the kitchen,” I told her trying to keep my composure.

She smiled and left the room. A few minutes later, she returned with Don. They were both smiling at me. I had undressed down to my boxers.

“Well, why don’t we get down to it?” said Don, who quickly took off his shorts and moved on to the middle of the bed.

“Come over and suck me some more baby,” he beckoned to his wife.

Tonya removed her towel and obliged her husband’s request. They were oblivious to me except for Tonya sticking her ass and shaved pussy way up in the air, which I took as an invitation to join right in.

“Come on get in here,” Don said to me. “Look at that hot pussy.”

So I walked over to where Tonya was and started licking her pussy and fingering her. She tasted sweet like strawberries and I instantly got hard. She has a great ass or what I liked to call a heart shaped ass. I wanted to fuck her so bad, maybe too much. I got too anxious and tried to fuck her wet pussy without a rubber.

She pulled away for a second and Don said, “Hey man, you got to put on a rubber.”

I was embarrassed and realized I had almost broken a swinger’s etiquette rule to always have safe sex, unless asked otherwise. I did what I told my friend Ned never to do. I tried to enter barebacked without permission.

They didn’t seem too mad, though, and Tonya even smiled at me again and I was relieved I hadn’t blown my fantasy opportunity.
 However, by the time I got a rubber out of my pants, which I thrown on the floor at the other side of the room, and strapped it on, I wasn’t completely hard anymore. I tried unsuccessfully to fuck her several times, but it was no use. I was flogging a dead dick again. She didn’t seem to notice and continued to suck on Don. I finger fucked her and licked on her clit. I don’t know what came over me, but I then stuck my index finger into her asshole. She didn’t react negatively as I expected, but instead groaned with pleasure.

Don and I then switched positions as he got up from the bed and began fucking his wife from behind. I lay back on the bed and Tonya, who was moaning with pleasure, looked up at me and took my flaccid cock in her mouth. She is a cocksucking pro. There is no doubt about it. I believe her lips should have been licensed. The moment she took me in her mouth, I felt my lusty desire return.

When I was hard enough, she deep throated me and I gasped with pleasure. It was an incredible feeling to have this blonde vision of beauty taking me like a porn star would. But I was prepared this time. I had another rubber in my right hand, the package open and ready for quick application.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked.

“You must be reading my mind,” I said showing her the rubber that I quickly slid on my surging cock.

The bad porn dialogue was in full effect, but she laughed and climbed on top of me, sliding my cock into her tight pussy. I nuzzled her neck as she fucked me and whispered how tight and hot she was. She smelled of citrus and strawberries, which made me only harder. Yet at one point I forgot I was fucking another man’s woman and tried to kiss her lips, but she turned her head away and continued to ride me. It was another faux pas on my part, but fortunately she didn’t mind. She was lost in a fucking frenzy.

I grabbed her round ass and pulled my cock deeper into her and marveled at the whole scene. I thought I must have been dreaming. I was actually fucking my fantasy fuck slut.

While she was sliding all over my cock, Don got behind her and tried to stick his cock in her ass.

“Ohhh," she exclaimed, smiling. “What are you doing?”

“Hey baby. We’re going to double fuck you,” he said as he managed to maneuver his member inside of her ass.

Tonya screamed out with glee for a moment and leaned harder against me, still fucking my cock.

“Oh My God,” she moaned. “That is so good.”
The double fuck happened so fast that I wasn’t really ready for it. I looked over at the nightstand near the bed and looked at their wedding picture again. They were kissing in the photo and it only got me more excited. For a brief moment, I had the strange feeling again as if I was outside of myself watching a porn video of a double penetration scene. This time I was starring in it and it was my first DP. I wonder if it was Tonya’s. Probably not.

Tonya continued to moan with pleasure as Don pounded her ass. I watched my cock slide in and out of her pussy, but I wasn’t really feeling it. I was kind of dazed. In fact, I got so distracted I almost lost my erection.

“You’ve got two cocks inside of you,” I whispered in Tonya’s ear as my cock got hard again.

“We’re fucking the shit out of you, baby,” Don yelled.

Soon after, Don groaned loudly and came. Tonya reached back rubbed his cum on her ass for a moment and then continued to ride me even more intensely. I slipped out of her pussy at one point, but she quickly put me back inside of her and resumed her mission to make me cum.

“I want you to cum for me,” she kept repeating. “Ohhhhh, cum for me.”

Tonya rode me for the longest time and just when I thought she might ask me to stop, I came hard for her. I was relieved that I was able to consummate this amazing fuck session. No post- cum depression for me. Fucking a hot woman like Tonya was the whole reason for my going on this strange sexual journey. I felt vindicated. The nightmare of my past lame swing fuck sessions suddenly seemed a distant memory.

Tonya quickly rolled off of me and went into the bathroom. Don, who had been watching the whole thing from a chair near the bed, smiled.

“Aren’t you glad you came over?” he said.

I didn’t know if he was trying to be funny or not, but I laughed anyway.

“She is very hot. You are a very lucky man,” I said still somewhat in a sex daze from the whole double penetration episode. “That was incredible.”

“Well, thanks for coming over,” he said.

I knew he wanted me to leave. I was a stunt dick. I had done what I was supposed to do, serve as a second cock in an erotic tag team game of two on one on a horny Sunday afternoon. I dressed and started to leave when Tonya came out of the bathroom. She smiled at me, but didn’t say anything. I thanked her and she nodded.

Don asked me if I knew of any swing clubs they could try out.

“We’ve just been calling ads and meeting with guys, but we’d like to meet some other couples,” he said.

I told them about the Capricorn Club and Wild Bob’s. They both stared at me in some kind of awe. I guess I represented a real swinger to them. What a joke. If they only knew how inept I usually was at swinging, but I guess as the saying goes, every dog, even a lame one like me, has its day.

“Tonya is hot. You guys would be very popular at these clubs. Couples would be falling all over themselves to meet you guys,” I told them.

Tonya broke into a grin and appeared embarrassed for a moment. Don thanked me and shook my hand again. Before I left, I asked if I could call them again.

“We’ll call you, when Tonya gets in the mood,” Don said.
It was the usual spiel. I was a hit and run lover for Tonya as I never heard from them again. I don’t know how long I was there. Probably only an hour, but it seemed longer. I felt this incredible satisfaction. I had done something many had only fantasized about, but few had the guts to actually do in their real lives. I honestly didn’t think I could actually participate in a DP even though I had watched and jacked off to enough double fuck scenes in porno movies. And this time the woman was attractive too. That was a bonus. That’s not even a guarantee in porn movies.

As I drove away, I called Ned on my cell phone and told him the story.

He didn’t believe me at first.

“That’s incredible,” he said. “Why didn’t you invite me?”

What a fucker. Everything always came back to him. If I had called Ned, he would have fucked it up somehow. Maybe he would have tried to kiss Tonya or something and I would have gone home frustrated again. No more fuck excursions including Ned. No way.

February 5

After a couple days of reflection, I’ve come to realize I finally had a swinger sexual experience worthy of my fantasies. Tonya is a blonde fuck vixen out of the pages of Playboy, Penthouse and my favorite porn movies.

What was even better was that Don had to deal with her bullshit everyday. I bet Tonya was a royal pain in the ass, a real diva. I got the pussy and left with my fantasies intact. This is why I avoid relationships and pursue casual sex. It was worth all the freaks, creeps, jerks, and ugly bitches to get to Tonya.

Now, I was more determined than ever to find more fantasy fucks like her. I knew they had to be out there. I felt like an amateur porn star. My sexual confidence was on the rise for a change.

Author Bio:

George Pappas is a Los Angeles-based novelist, blogger, poet and lyricist. Lazy Day Publishing released his second novel of erotic fiction Monogamy Sucks as an e-book in December 2010. Pappas launched the first six chapters of his novel on his blog in summer 2010 after more than 12 years of writing and researching his work. His novel explores intriguing notions about monogamy, relationships, casual sex and the world of swinging.

Pappas is a lifelong resident of southern California and has been writing fiction since he was 15. When he’s not writing, Pappas enjoys traveling, music, reading his favorite novelists Henry Miller and Anais Nin, watching films, exploring life’s many adventures and pleasures, and living near the ocean.

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  1. Wow, quite the excerpt. Sounds like a very enjoyable yet somewhat awkward Sunday Afternoon. Loved going along for the ride on this one!

  2. Hi Random Girl,

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    George Pappas
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  3. Hi George, the entire book is a wonderful wild ride, and this is a great excerpt.

  4. George, thank you so much for gracing my blog with an excerpt from your steamy novel, Monogamy Sucks. Looking forward to our interview! Let's keep in touch...
    Indigo Skye

  5. HI Eden,
    thanks for your kind comment about my book and your continued support. Means a lot.

    George Pappas

  6. Dear Indigo,

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