Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Work by Joshua Wadsworth!

I'm thrilled to announce that I've just had the opportunity to publish the work of a promising young poet, Joshua Wadsworth.  You'll find his work on my Guest Starring page.  This poem is seductive and sexy, with a darker edge.  If you liked my poem "Queen of Night" you'll love this- it explores some similar themes and features a wicked vampire queen that will drive you wild.

Joshua, welcome to Indigo Skye: Ink and Art!

Poet Joshua Wadsworth

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sizzling New Fantasy by Dirk Deeper!

Just posted a Happy-Hump-Day fantasy for you by that naughty boy, Dirk Deeper!  Check out my Guest Starring page to read this juicy new offering by dirty Dirk!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Juicy Interview with Angelicka Wallows!

Indigo Skye Welcomes Angelicka Wallows of

Q: When did you first begin writing erotica?

A: I started when I was 16, right after I lost my virginity. Like most girls I keep a diary, and when I started to write down intimate details of my life, I really felt that it is something that I should take to the next level. Writing down my first experience was revealing to me. I can say I lost my virginity twice! Writing it was living it again, somehow with more intensity, more details.

Q: I've noticed that your blog contains true confessions, as well as some erotica. What inspires you most, and gets your pen moving?

A: Life. I believe that inspiration comes from within with a twist on my daily endeavors. I consider myself a pretty active and physical girl in more than just a few ways. So most of my writing is based on real life experience, and a few confessions from friends as well.

Q: What are you working on currently? (Projects and upcoming events, etc.)

A: My hands are full at moment with the weblog and other work stuff such as sexy mag. I am trying to write some erotica for the radio too, so if a sexy voice is reading this article and wants to get some exposure, am ready to team up on that and put the read stories on My Pouty Lips!

I write only in my spare time- I write at the office, in the car, in the bathroom... I wish I could become a full time writer but my family definitely wouldn't accept that. Actually, they don’t know about my “secret” activity- and I intend to keep it that way!

Q: What's your favorite position, and why?

A: With one male partner, I love to be on top (Cowgirl). I like to be in control and hold the pace and degree of both our pleasures. It is so exciting to squat over him and slide him inside me, slowly, bit by bit, until he reaches deep inside me. Mmmmm. Just thinking about it makes me...

Q: What's next? You've been experimenting with short fiction for a while- any longer projects in the works?

A: Yes there are many other projects in the pipeline, such as an eBook, a couple of other blogs, and more! But there are only 24 hours in a day! All these projects demand a lot of time and also money to get started.

Q: How about a sexy story starter, to inspire our readers?

A: It is funny that you are asking me this now, because more and more I like my readers to interact and take action in my stories. I am experimenting with new things in that sense, that you will discover in the coming weeks in my new posts.

Write a short story with this sexy story starter by Angelicka Wallows and you could be published on My Pouty Lips!  Send your stories to me at and I'll pass them along to Angelicka with my recommendations.

Story Starter Title: The Gardener and The Hose

First sentence: I love to feel the caress of the sun on my skin…

Q: What's your secret guilty pleasure - the one luxury you can't live without?

A: My Pure Bliss bullet vibrator from Eden Fantasys, it just drives me mad! You can see it in “My Toy Box” on my blog.

Q: What's your hottest tip for writing a sizzling sex scene?

A: You have to feel the moment as if you are re-living it. Put yourself into the story, think of all the tiny details, let all your senses participate. It is probably preferable to be a bit horny at that time, at least for me, because the writing then becomes more passionate, intense. It is an orgasmic experience and I do get pleasure when I write.

Q: Do you plot out your stories in advance, or do you prefer to let your characters surprise you? Why? 

A: You would be surprised how characters have a life on their own. It can happen that I plan to write a specific story, but when I get into the character, plans can change completely. It is not really by choice. It's funny to experience that. It is almost like being in somebody’s mind, feeling and witnessing everything she does, but having no control at all. Like having a seat in her head and watching the movie of her live through her eyes. Sometimes when I finish writing, and I re-read myself, I discover my own words!

Q: Who's your favorite character from one of your stories?

A: Alecx… you will soon meet her! She is practically like me. Adventurous, spontaneous, so into fun and feeling life to its peak! You will love her!

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island with only three books, which 3 would you choose and why?

A: Can I get an internet connection instead? Laughing.  Ok, Ok. First I would take a blank book, so that I could write more erotic stories happening under the sun in the wilderness of the island. Second would be a good dictionary of course. And third probably something on how to make cosmetic and beauty products from plants! I do need my creams, lotions, serums...

Q: Best book to read in the bathtub?

A: Anything waterproof! Water has the amazing property to make me feel horny. I don’t know why, but as soon as I get into the water, I get “wet”. No kidding. I usually prefer showers to baths for that reason, unless I have some spare time.

Q: Any final words of advice to fledgling writers hoping to break into the biz?

A: Well, if I knew all the secrets I would already be famous worldwide! What I can say is to make it in this biz is not a piece of cake. It demands a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of patience, and dedication. So if you do it for the money then forget it. But if you do it because you are passionate about it, then it's another story!

Passion should be your ink.

Crimson Passion
Photograph by Indigo Skye

Angelicka Writes... My Pouty Lips is a canny weblog of lifestyle and secrets. An interesting read that is unique on its own. Very upfront, open, modern, and sexy way of living life to the fullest! 

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Blushing Pink
Photograph by Indigo Skye

Monday, November 1, 2010

Interview with Smart Bitches, Trashy Books' Sarah

I LOVE Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.  They feature hilarious reviews of romance novels, hot totty, LOL porn, and more.  I'm thrilled to bring you this exclusive interview with Smart Bitch Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches Trashy Books and To Be Read.  Sarah, welcome to Indigo Skye: Ink and Art!

Q: Who is your favorite author?

A:  I can't name just one. But I never turn down Jennifer Crusie, Julia Quinn, Joanna Bourne, Kathleen O'Reilly and Sarah Mayberry.

Q: Best trashy book to read in the tub with a glass of wine?

A:  Any and all!

Q:  Which book gave you the most LOL moments?

A:  Shannon Stacey's "Undeniably Yours" and "Exclusively Yours" both made me LOL several times.

Q:  Any advice for authors hoping to break into the biz?

A:  Don't think it's easy, writing romance. You have to know and understand the genre to really appreciate how it works - and it's not easy, or something you can toss off with little effort.

Q:  You Smart Bitches are a tough crowd to please! What do the authors who score A’s on your site have in common?

A:  Strong characters, intricate and compelling plots, and amazing use of language.

Q:  At the end of a long day of talking trash, what’s your most fabulous way to relax and treat yourself like a queen?

A:  Reading - in the bathtub in the rain on a hillside, minus the Cialis!

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