Dialing with Sticky Fingers: Confessions of a Phone Sex Goddess

After leaving a dead-end job, I decided to try something different.  I had seen ads for fantasy phone actresses, and I have to admit it, I was intrigued.  I did a little research, applied for a position, and went through a brief training session. Twenty-four hours later, I was ready for my first shift.

What I discovered may blow your mind, make you laugh, and turn you on.  I'm going to reveal the fantasies of men of all ages, shapes, and sizes, in hopes of fostering a better understanding of the fantasy life of the average (and not-so-average) American male.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the identities of my clients, I have elected to change their names. Material posted on this site may be of an adult nature and is not suitable for minors.

"The more I see of men, the better I like dogs."
-Attributed to Mme. Roland
The Tools of the Trade

What do you need to get started in this exciting and sexy field? A land-line phone is essential; headsets are definitely preferred for hands free convenience during those sexy calls! You'll also need a quiet place where you'll have privacy to work. I prefer the bedroom!  A good supply of erotica is a must, along with a few well-chosen toys- and don't forget the lube!

You must be open-minded, and willing to listen without judgment. Some guys are just calling to talk, and others are calling to get off. Sometimes they want to make a sexy confession, or listen to one of your fantasies. You'll need to hone your acting skills - you've got to be able to fake it if you're not really into the fantasy the caller enjoys. Your job is to make sure he has a good time, so he wants to call back.

Many companies offer several different types of fetish calls, or specialty calls, and you've got to be able to be convincing at each role, at a moment's notice. You might be called upon to impersonate a sexy MILF, a teen dominatrix, a chick with a dick, a big busty blonde, or a variety of other fantasy roles- all in the same hour.

A sexy voice is a must; knowing how to listen is even more important, as you'll see in my next post, "My First Call." An active fantasy life, working knowledge of various sex-toys, and a decent collection of inspiring erotica can also come in handy when you need a little inspiration.

Sometimes, you'll be turned on. It can be a very sexy way to explore your own fantasies in a safe space. Other times you'll feel nervous, or even a little freaked out and uncomfortable. This is completely normal. One reason I started this blog was to open a dialogue about sexual fantasy, and the role of the phone sex goddess in our society today. It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it!

I am going to share, openly and honestly, ALL the juicy details of my time spent dialing with sticky fingers...

Innocence is a Daisy...

Photograph by Indigo Skye

My First Call

My first caller was a young man named Matthew. I chose the above photo to accompany this post because he was just as sweet and innocent as a daisy on the first day of spring.  Matthew told me he was shy and submissive, and confessed that he'd never been with a girl before. We got to talking, and I tried to listen carefully and draw him out of his shell.

Matthew told me that his only sexual experience had been with another boy, when he was in high school. He said, "I've never told anyone this before." He admitted that was ashamed of it, and he thought that if he revealed his secret, girls might laugh, or think it was weird. I sensed that he just needed someone to understand, and accept him. I reassured him, and I told him the truth- I personally find it very sexy to think of two guys together.

"I think it's hot," I told him. "And I'm not alone. Most of my girlfriends feel the same way."

Matthew confessed that he was also concerned about the encounter because thinking about it- and talking about it- really turned him on. "Does that mean I'm gay?" he asked, worried.

Even though we're not supposed to reveal anything personal to callers, I told Matthew about one of my own experiences. It seemed to set his mind at ease a little. I reassured him, telling him that same-sex experimentation is perfectly normal.

I personally believe that most people, deep down, are bisexual- whether or not they ever act upon it. Pleasure is pleasure, whatever the source; and all pleasure is sacred to the Goddess.

"I think most people are really bisexual, deep down...if they'd only let themselves be," I told him.

"So, if we were dating, and I told you I'd never been with another girl, but I'd been with a guy...that wouldn't be...uh, wierd?"

"Hell, no. It's totally normal, and, in my opinion, very sexy."

We had a great chat, and ended the call on a positive note. I learned that sometimes, a guy isn't just calling to get wild and nasty with an anonymous bimbo. He wants to talk about his experiences, and be reassured that those experiences do not make him a freak.

"You're very sexy, and very open minded. Thanks. This gives me hope," he said. It gave me hope, too- hope that I could help shy, scared guys like him blossom, and open their hearts like sunflowers. Matthew was sweet, scared, and maybe even more nervous than I was- all in all, a perfect first time!

Pink Hollyhock Unfurling in Spring- What Strange Secrets Hide Beneath Those Petals?

Photograph by Indigo Skye

Down the Rabbit-Hole: Dominic's Story

Dominic, a thirty-something banker, was a likable, talkative guy.  He told me that he lives in California, is tan and blonde, and has a great ass.  When I asked him to tell me about one of his kinkiest experiences, I got a little more than I bargained for.

So did Dominic.  Here's the story, in his own words:

"I was at a bar one night, and a girl came up to me and we started flirting.  After a few drinks, we were eally into each other, and so she invited me back to her place.  She changed into some sexy lingerie, and we made out for a while.  Then, she went down on me.  It was amazing.  When I asked if I could return the favor, she whipped out a cock!" 

Dominic was in a very compromising position.  He hadn't been expecting this, and he was surprised to discover how much it turned him on.  Dom is bi, and very secure with his sexuality.  He felt a little strange about this sudden turn of events, but he decided to go with it anyway.  He reports that he ended up sucking the guy's cock, and then fucking him in the ass on that fateful night.    In fact, he enjoyed himself so much that the two of them hooked up for further erotic adventures on and off for the next few months, including a hot threesome with another girl.

Lesson learned- Things aren't always what they seem to be on the singles scene!  In this brave new millenia, it's necessary to keep your eyes- and your mind- open, and your jimmy-hat at the ready.  Have fun, seek pleasure wherever you can find it, and always practice safe sex!  I love phone sex because there's no chance of getting pregnant, and no need to worry about STDs.  Phone sex is 100% safe sex, every time!

Author's Notes: I enjoyed talking to Dominic.  He was an open-minded, sexually aware guy who seemed to want to talk, rather than jack off while I cooed encouragement- a refreshing change!  A true sexual adventurer, it seemed that he'd done everything.  And the great thing was, it was just like a conversation with a girlfriend over a couple of drinks- he merely wanted to share his sexual exploits with someone and have a few laughs.  We chatted for almost an hour- even I, the Phone Sex Goddess, was impressed by his stamina.

We had a hilarious conversation about guys who won't give head, but still expect oral favors.  (What's up with that, anyway?)  We generally agreed that they're clueless losers who don't know what they're missing.  He claimed to love eating pussy, and had even serviced his roommate's girlfriend in college. Bruce, his roommate, wouldn't go down on her.  A sexual pragmatist at heart, she continued to date Bruce, but she called on Dominic whenever she needed a good tongue-lashing- and he was always glad to help!

Beware the Jackrabbit!

Photograph by Indigo Skye

Quickies: The Curse of the Jackrabbit

Not everyone is like Dominic. Sometimes, they just want to get off, and they'll wait until the last possible moment to call. One such conversation was a mere thirty seconds long.

"Hi, I'm Jamie," I said, in a sultry, sexy voice.

He said, "Oh! Oh! Oh my God!" and cried out loudly as he came. Click. It was the easiest call ever. Just the sound of my voice was enough to send him over the edge.

There's definitely a fair number of minute-men out there, who are only good for a quickie. One guy, John, called in just to say, "I have a small dick." No segue- just the cold fact. These were the first words out of his mouth, and I found myself not surprised that he was calling a phone-sex hotline. No wonder he doesn't have much success in the real world- he can barely handle phone-on-phone interaction with females, much less dating. Who leads off with that information? Definitely a don't!

In fact, I was so surprised by his forthrightness that I flubbed the call. "Uh, that's not a problem...I like all sizes," I began, flustered- but it was too late. He was gone. It was disappointing- I'm sure, for both of us.

In the interest of fostering a better phone sex experience for readers, the next section will detail the do's and don'ts of hot phone action.

Don't Be Shy!

Photograph by Indigo Skye

How to Give Great Phone: The Dos and Don'ts of Mind-Blowing Phone Sex

Nothing spices up my day like a hot, impromptu phone-sex session. If you're in a long-distance relationship, it's essential to bone up on your skills at the art of talking dirty. It can also be a sexy way to tease your lover while he's hard at work.  Please note that this is powerful magick, and it's not to be taken lightly.  Don't be surprised if the response you get is immediate- it just might make him hurry home to fuck you on his lunch break!

One sure-fire way to drive my man wild?  I call his cell, in the middle of an ordinary day, and start to tell him what I'm wearing.  I let him know I'm all wet from thinking about him all day, and that I just can't wait any longer.  "I have to come- right now- and I want you to listen very carefully," I tell him.  "I'm going to put my hand down my panties...I'm all wet down there.  I just have to touch myself...I can't help it.  You don't mind, do you?" I'll ask in a sexy purr.

Another fun and fabulous idea is to flirt on the phone, making his fantasies come to life.  "Pretend we just met..." I might say.  "Ask me out for a drink, and then we'll meet up later so I can fuck your brains out."  Role-playing can be a great way to get the party started.  Maybe you're a naughty nurse, and he's feeling under the weather.  Maybe he's a hot priest, and you've got a sexy confession to make.  Or he's a cute schoolboy with a crush, and you're the hot young teacher who wants him to stay after class for detention.

"You've been a very naughty boy.  I've seen you looking up my skirt in class, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to punish you...I think you should stay after school today.  I want you to clean the chalkboard, and I've got a dirty little pussy that needs to be licked clean, too..." I'll begin, knowing that it won't be long before I'm living out my fantasies with him in bed.

Phone sex can be a lot of fun, and it's a great way to get closer to your partner by sharing your deepest fantasies in a safe and sexy arena where anything goes. 

Tech savvy?  You can use your Blackberry, phone or laptop to get him all hot and bothered.  Make sure he's thinking of you all day with a naughty text, email, or voicemail message!  Send him a hot photo, or a horny text, to help get things started.  Even something as simple as, "Thanks 4 a gr8 time last night..." or "What R U wearing?" can get his motor running.  Try emailing him a dirty little fantasy, or a link to an erotica website that turns you on. 

One of my favorite sites to share is Scarlet Magazine- check out the Cliterature section for some hot and horny stories and art.  A fabulous offering from the UK!

A Few Crucial Notes: Dos and Don'ts

DO remember the crucial role of lubrication, when engaging in marathon phone-sex sessions.  My first few days on the job, I was so turned on that I was constantly touching myself.  I masturbated so often and so fervently that my pubic hair hurt.  Definitely a buzz-kill!  Learn from my painful experience and keep plenty of lube at the ready.
DON'T forget- Many men can be scandalous motherfuckers.  Don't send naked photos of yourself to anyone but a trusted partner who will not share them with anyone, or post them online for the enjoyment of 400,000 of his best friends. 
DO take your time.  
DON'T rush into it.  Let the suspense build; start slow and build the call to a climax- at your own pace.  This can be especially helpful if you're nervous, or shy about doing this.
DO share a sexy pic- Men are stimulated by images.  If you want to send him a sexy photo without risking maximum exposure, what about a close-up of your face, or a hot image you've found online?  A simple photo of a flower, or a work of art, can be very erotic. 
DON'T be shy.  When talking dirty, try to paint an image in his mind.  Share a fantasy, using your sexiest voice, and don't forget to add lots of juicy details, sound effects, and rich description.

Marathon Man

There's definitely a fair share of minute-men out there, who are only calling for a quickie- they wait until the last possible second to get off.  And there are also a lot of shy guys who call that never have the nerve to say a word.    Sometimes, I barely manage a hello before the poor bastards hang up in terror, afraid to speak to a hot, sexy phone-sex goddess like me.  Don't worry, boys, I won't bite!

But once in a while, I'll get a call from someone experienced- someone sexy, who wants to get me off.  Someone like Marshall.  He phoned in one morning on the "Barely Legal Teen Sluts" line- easily the most popular choice for our callers- and told me he just wanted to make me come. 

"Just lie back...relax...and close your eyes.  Imagine this.  You and I meet at a party.  I notice you right away, and introduce you to my wife.  She's beautiful, with long dark hair and a great ass.  The two of you hit it off, and we invite you back to our hotel with us.  We have a few drinks and make out, and I can tell you're getting turned on.  Relax...let me help you out of that tight little dress..."

There followed an elaborate, descriptive, beautifully rendered three-way fantasy that soon had me wet and willing, vibrator in hand.  As Marshall spun out his sexy story, I couldn't resist touching myself.  He was a past master at this; with a deep, sexy voice, and a very dirty mind.  He got me off, taking care to let me come as many times as I needed to.  And, best of all, he didn't seem to want me to return the favor.  Hearing my moans of pleasure was enough to make him come- but he was a gentleman about it.  Ladies first!

"Until next time..." he said, at the end of our hour-long call.  And then he was gone.  I keep hoping he'll call back.  After all, it's hard work getting guys off all day with my dirty little mouth.  It was a nice change, to feel that energy reciprocated by a sexy guy who just wanted to hear me get off.  Marathon Man, if you're out there, many thanks for a job well done!


Photograph by Indigo Skye

Tiny Tim

When someone calls our company, they have a choice of several sexy categories- Barely Legal, Teen Domination, Teen Feet, Married Sluts, Fat Sluts, Transsexual/Transvestite, Black, MILF, and Black and Married. 

There's also "Anything Goes, Make It Long," which is a sexual free-for-all with no taboos.  Or, try the Big and Busty line, where you can talk to a big-breasted gal who loves to play with her tits.  There's a "Cougar" line, and a separate line for those who want to be dominated.  There's also Dateline, which is a one on one chat line, with opthonal sex.

Of all these choices, "Barely Legal" is easily the most popular choice, with "Anything Goes" as a close second.  The funny thing is, no matter which choice you make, you're simply routed to the next agent in the queue.  We're trained to create fantasies for all different types of calls.  So, for one caller, I might be barely legal Sandy, an 18-year-old college girl with a dirty mind and a tight little box...but the next time the phone rings, I'm someone else entirely- Megan the MILF, say, or Big-Breasted Bridget. 

It's exciting- and a little disconcerting, as well.  Having to take on so many different roles and personalitites in such a short amount of time is tough.  It requires focus, a great imagination, and some serious stamina.  Of course, not every guy who calls is like Marshall- so sweet and giving I was begging for more.  One guy wanted to chase me around the room and screw my brains out- all of this at a drop of a hat, with no foreplay whatsoever. 

Sometimes, I think that the majority of guys who call are just so socially inept that they can't close the deal in a real-time situation, and must therefore resort to phone sex to simulate getting laid.  My very first day on the job, I got a call from one such awkward young man.  I introduced myself, and expected him to do the same.  Instead, he blurted out, "I have a really small dick."


Awkward silence. 

I try to think of something- anything- to say to salvage this train-wreck of a call.  "Hey, I think I dated you in college," comes to mind.  Somehow, I doubt that my weird sense of humor would ease the tension here, so I tell him a blatant lie: "That's not an issue for me, baby."  It's obvious that things aren't going well.  After another small silence, he hangs up. 

I laugh and laugh about it, and think to myself that it's no wonder he can't get laid.  Who opens with, "I have a really small dick?" Imagine this, ladies- you're at a hot club, or your favorite bar, and there's a great band onstage.  A cute guy approaches- he's been watching you all night.  You give him your best smile.  But instead of, "What's your sign?" or "Wanna dance?" he says, "I have a really small dick."  Would YOU go home with this loser?  Hell, no!

Fellas, here's a little tip that might help you knock boots with a little more regularity... If you've got a sub-standard johnson, don't advertise that fact to a woman you're trying to get off with.  Instead, show her your other great qualities first.  If you're funny, tell her a joke.  Great with your hands?  Offer to give her a foot rub. 

Once she's discovered you're a great kisser with a wonderful sense of humor, and you've got her interested, don't mention the whole small-dick thing until you're ready to go to bed together.  And even then, it's not exactly a conversation starter.  Just go with it, be yourself, and when the big moment arrives, you'll be ready.  Open with the info that your dick doesn't measure up, and you'll be going home alone.

Let Passion Find You...

How to Give Great Phone: Hot Tips and Tricks for Long-Distance Lovin'

Not sure how to please a woman by phone? Want to call a phone sex goddess, but don't know what to say?  Here are a few tips and tricks, guaranteed to spice things up!

  1. Foreplay is important in every sexual encounter.  With phone-on-phone action, it's more than important- it's necessary.  Whether you're sharing a hot chat session with a lover, or calling a professional like myself, treat it a bit like a date- chances are, you're both a little nervous.  Chatting a little at first about ordinary things like your favorite film can ease this awkward situation. 

  2. Flirt with me; tell me I have a sexy voice.  Ask me what I'm wearing, or what turns me on.  Don't be shy- speak up, and tell me what you want.  I aim to please!

  3. Tell me a sexy secret...something nobody else knows about you.

  4. Ask about my fantasies, or make up a sexy scenario to role-play with me.

  5. Share one of your hottest fantasies, with me in the starring role.  Tell me how hot it makes you when I touch you, kiss you, spank you...
  6. Make a sexy confession.  Tell me a dirty little secret.  Ask my opinion on a sticky sexual situation you've found yourself in.  Tell me all the things you can't tell anyone else- after all, it's all perfectly anonymous.  We'll never meet in person, most likely, so don't be afraid to tell me what's really on your mind.  Often, guys just call to talk.  They need a kind, sympathetic listener- and sometimes, a little advice from the feminine perspective. 

  7. Ladies first, fellas- need I say more?

  8. I'm not a phone psychic; I'm a Phone Sex Goddess.  I can't read your mind- let me know what turns you on, what you fantasize about...I'm all ears!
  9. Have fun with it.  Tell me a dirty joke; ask my opinion about anal sex or gay porn.  Anything to get the ball rolling.

  10. Afterwards, don't just hang up on me and reach for the tissues.  Taking a second to say thank you, or offer a compliment on my performance means a lot.  I'm a person, not a blow-up doll.  Treat me as such, and we'll both have a great time. 
I don't know how other women in my line of work feel, but I personally get much more out of a session when the caller takes a moment to say goodbye afterwards, or thank me for a job well done.  I'm not expecting anything more than simple courtesy-but you'd be surprised how many guys just hang up without a word after getting their rocks off....

You might be surprised.  Nothing surprises me anymore.  Not since I started this job.  Someone wanted to fuck my elbow the other day.   My elbow!  The strange thing is, I didn't even bat an eye.  I just said, "Maybe we'd better grab a little lube," and greased up my hot, tight little elbow for his ravishment, trying not to laugh.

Hypnotic Roses

Photograph by Indigo Skye

Author's Notes:  This is a place to let your bad-girl self blossom and bloom. I'd love to hear from readers- please add your hottest tips for talking dirty in our Comments section!

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  1. Hot elbow action! Oh yeah. The first time anyone mentioned licking my armpit I thought it was a fluke, but it's quite common. Who knew? I think the more you listen, the more you learn and it definitely helps with the erotic writing career. Thanks for sharing your stories. I had a great time. I could see this making an interesting non-fic. Good luck!