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Fab Interview on Erotica For All!

Just received the happy news that my Author Interview with Lucy Felthouse has just been published on Erotica for All.  It was interesting to be on the receiving end of a Q&A!  I loved answering her questions, and it was a thrill to read it online this morning.  Share the love with me here.

I'm Ready for My Close-Up!

News From the Studio...

I'm thrilled to announce that my short story, True Confession, has been published by Erotic Writing.  This is a fabulous site based in the UK with something for everyone... and I do mean everyone!  Got a favorite fetish or a kinky kink?  Erotic Writing has a story to fit your fantasy.

In other news, I just joined Twitter!  I'm having a lot of fun with it, and meeting some great contacts online.  I recently told a friend what I've been up to, and he said, "You don't seem like the type."  As it turns out, I am the type of girl who tweets...and I'm loving it!

Coming Attractions... Fab photos, exclusive author interviews, a new story by Dirk Deeper, and my October Short Fitcion Contest.  Stay tuned to Indigo Skye: Ink and Art for details and erotic fabulosity.

Gearing up for National Novel Writing Month?  I'm already planning my assault on the nanosphere!  Who's with me???  I loved participating in this event last year, although it was a bit stressful at times (major understatement).  I must be a masochist, because I'm ready to tie myself to the whipping post again and attempt to write 50,000 words in thirty days this November!

Sending Roses to Myself
In Celebration of Publishing "True Confession"

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Cherry-Boy Published on Erotica for All!

Fabulous news!  I've just been featured on Erotica for All, a wonderful site published by Ms. Lucy Felthouse.  She recently published my author profile, and is now offering my short story, Cherry-Boy as a free read on her site! 

Cheers! Cherry-Boy Published on Erotica For All! 

This is so exciting... a big thank you to Lucy Felthouse for giving me this opportunity to share my work with the world! Time to pop the cork on a bottle of bubbly and celebrate!!!

Indigo Skye

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Check Out My New Author Profile on Erotica For All!

In an effort to reach more readers with my work, I've been listing this blog on a few different sites, twittering like mad, and interviewing some of the top authors in the field.  Today, I'm pleased to announce that I've posted a new Author Profile on Erotica For All

Even more exciting is the news that this site will also be publishing my short story, "Cherry-Boy," as a free read!  A big thank you to Lucy Felthouse for this opportunity to share my work with her readers. Stay tuned to Erotica For All - it should be going live tonight!  I'll keep you posted...

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Uniform Behavior... Call for Submissions

I read about this on Twitter, and entered one of my short stories.  Join the fun, readers!  I know there are some very talented writers out there.  Got a previously unpublished short story about someone in uniform?  Submit your story and you could be chosen for Lucy Felthouse's anthology.  Here are all the juicy details...  Erotica for All Call For Submissions- Uniform Behavior.  Best of luck! 

Spreading the Love...

An Electrifying Interview with Author Mahalia Levey

Mahalia's Hot Upcoming Release
From Liquid Silver Books

You've already been treated to a sizzling last post about Author Mahalia Levey included an excerpt from the upcoming Liquid Silver Books release, Demonic Persuasion, and a mini-interview with the author herself!  It was really a treat getting to know Ms. Levey.  Today, I'm thrilled to publish our interview in full.  Mahalia Levey, welcome to Indigo Skye: Ink and Art!

Indigo Skye: Ink and Art

An Exclusive Interview with Author Mahalia Levey

Indigo Skye: Ink and Art
Welcomes Author Mahalia Levey
 Being smart and sassy with a great sense of humor comes easily for Author Mahalia Levey. An avid reader, she found herself enchanted with disappearing completely into the worlds authors created. One day she vowed to herself she'd be one of them. Then family life came, and college right after. Swayed from her childhood course of action, it took many years for her to get back to that place she held dear as a child. Now she is running full steam ahead to keep up with the many ideas flowing freely. She plans on taking her work to higher levels and expanding her genres. Her main focus is giving her readers variety. Levey's works in progress include paranormal, fantasy and mainstream romance. Taking characters and watching them grow past what she’s imagined is her true passion.

Q: When did you first begin to dream of a career as a writer?

A: I never dreamed of having a career as a writer. I used to play around as a teen, but I was more of a reader. Around five years ago, I began writing for leisure on a forum. I was approached by an editor at Phaze a little over a year ago to try my hand at publishing, to challenge myself. So here I am, still challenging myself to improve and grow in my craft.

Q: What was the biggest challenge that stood in your way when you were first getting your career off the ground? How did you handle it?

A: I came in totally blind to the publishing side of writing. I didn't know the basic rules or layout for stories. As a plot builder and world builder, I just built. So upon entering the world of publishing, I had to take a huge step backward and take some much needed classes. Basic self editing and crash revisions topped the list. My weakness was mechanics. I handled it by joining groups and forums, paying for short classes on line geared toward my needs, and finding strong critique partners who weren't afraid to rip my manuscripts to shreds.

Q: What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever received? The worst?

A: Education is never wasted is one of my mottos, so the best advice I got was to get my heinie into some great classes and learn. I don't think I've had a worst advice situation. I've heard different views on photo copy rights pertaining to different countries and what trademark infringement is, and other things. Making sure to read the bylaws of countries and understanding legalities for songs, and such when doing trailers is imperative.

"Education is never wasted..."

Q: I understand you’re a mother with three little ones at home. How do you juggle the demands of balancing a family and a writing career?

A: My little ones are now three arguing teens. I juggle sports activities, a fiance and writing constantly. We have designated family nights where no electronic devices are allowed by everyone in the house and split time making supper and sharing our days.

Q: What are your best practices for creating characters that jump off the page?

A: I don't have a practice. I have a thought of a character and normally their personality will jump off right away. I concentrate on their positive and negative traits and make sure there's a balance to bring both the worst and best out in them.

Q: Any tips on writing snappy dialogue that never disappoints?

A: I've heard I have great dialogue but dialogue is the hardest to me. I'd say keep it short and tuned into the character’s personality.

Q: In your newest release from Phaze, Embrace the Moment, your main characters are very well-drawn, with personalities that really pop and a conflict that’s sure to hook readers after the first page. Are they based on people you know, or past experiences?

A: They're not based on anyone I know. I was listening to Avenged Sevenfold, my favorite band, and playing “Seize The Day”- my favorite song. This inspired me to do a Coast Guard Series, using the inspiration of this song as part of the integral substance of my story.

Q: Was there a lot of research involved in writing Embrace the Moment? What else did you do to pave the way for this newest release?

A: I was in the Navy, which is close to being in the Coast Guard. I did some basic research and just began writing.

"Character development can be tricky, because no matter how much you research, sometimes they surprise you in the middle of the story. I've learned to let them write themselves."

I don't spend time plotting the entire story. I create a beginning, a sort of soft middle, and a few ideas for endings, keeping the post it notes handy to register changes in the thought process. I created promo excerpts and posted everywhere. I order swag from Vista Print constantly and give it away. I entered contests from review sites like Romance Junkies and Talking TwoLips.

Q: I think the central conflict in the book, Embrace the Moment, speaks to many women’s experiences. It’s often a struggle for women to be all things to all people- to be the perfect boss, the perfect lover- the Super-woman who can do it all, and make it look easy. How does your career intersect (or interfere) with your primary relationships? How does this differ from your characters’ experiences?

A: It really has no affect at all. My family respects my writing, and the friends I have encourage it. Even the members really into the church lifestyle give me praise, and don’t judge or discourage me from pursuing this newfound passion. I've been quite lucky in having unassuming friends in my life. As for the difference in character experiences, it depends on the story line and how much of my own personal experiences I put into it.

"My character, Lark, is not a part of me, which is funny. She's strong and dominant, while in real life I'm quirky, relaxed, and comfortable with who I am."

Q: Who are some of your favorite authors?

A: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kate Douglas, Lori Foster, Andrew Grey, Sandy Sullivan, Debra Glass, Marie Harte, Johanna Lindsey and the writers of the old classics.

Q: What’s your favorite book to read in the tub?

A: I don't take baths. I shower so no reading for me, lol. OCD about sitting in a tub of filth. When I was little I'd take a bath and then directly after take a shower.

Q. What's your favorite guilty pleasure?

A: Vanilla Zingers are my downfall.

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island with only three books to read, which three would make the cut?

A: Archeron, Namesake, and a book on Survival techniques.

Q: How about a sexy writing prompt for our readers? I’d love to publish one of your writing prompts to get their pens moving!

A: Here’s a Story-Starter, from my pen to yours. Write a story in which the main character is invisible. Here’s where I went with this idea…

Taekar lay there, unknowing I was beside him. The power I felt knowing my touch wouldn't wake him, but would give me ample time to caress the contours of his large cock, and brush my fingers up his ripped abs, laying a lingering touch on his pierced nipples, raking my fangs over his many tattoos and breathing in his response into my body. Such a sweet gift is being invisible, able to reappear on a whim without any of the disadvantages of those stuck between realms.

Q: Any famous last words of encouragement, inspiration and advice to share with all those budding writers out there?

A: While you're learning, don't get overwhelmed, make time to read, and don't lose the joy of writing when frustrated. Learn to take a step back or a day off to balance yourself.

Where to find Mahalia Levey on the web…

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Indigo Skye: Ink and Art Welcomes Author Mahalia Levey

This week, I'll be publishing an exclusive interview with author Mahalia Levey.  Her upcoming release, Demonic Persuasion, promises to be a very hot read.  Here's the skinny, along with an excerpt from the book, and a mini-interview with the author herself on what originally inspired this novel.

More to come...but to whet your appetite, here's a little taste.

Q:  Please tell our readers about the characters you've created in your upcoming novel, Demonic Persuasion.

A:  Born of a Navajo healer and high level prince of Hell, The Dine Gods demanded Fatal be turned over to her mother's tribe to learn their healing arts and kept away from demon hands. But with her tutelage, came cruel segregation and disrespect because of her father's heritage. Unknowing why her life has suddenly come under demon attack, Fatal sets out, armed with her knowledge and her fighting skills, to take out any evil that gets in her way.

Prince of a lower Hell level, a contract was signed in blood that Orobus be betrothed to Fatal, daughter of High Price of Hell’s half-breed daughter. Oracle by birth, he isn’t privy to complete visions when regarding him. Having forgotten the fateful night he signed the agreement, he’s thrust into the fight of his life—the fight to claim his woman! Come Hell or High water, he will take care of what is rightfully his, even if it means making her face both sides of her heritage and teaching her there is no shame.

Q. I was wondering, what inspired you to create a story with a darker edge in the book, Demonic Persuasion?

A. Merikano's Fury, available online at Exstasy Books,  was my first manuscript. Implied Prophesies: Demonic Persuasion Book One was my second, and Embrace the Moment, my third. Merikano's Fury and Demonic Persuasion were written a year prior to Embrace The Moment but needed extensive work.

I've always written on the dark side, creating worlds or realms of my own to play in. Demonic Persuasion came about out of a need to show how being of mixed cultures can be both a blessing and a curse, trying to figure out where to blend in and where you fit. Adding in different realms increased that key factor of personal and spiritual growth prompting a need for a lifemate to show the way.


Indigo Skye: Ink and Art Welcomes
Author Mahalia Levey!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for... an excerpt from Mahalia Levey's upcoming release, coming soon from Liquid Silver Books.

Demonic Persuasion
By Mahalia Levey

Exiled. From the only home she’d ever known. After the first set of demons came to Fatal’s tribal lands, Sani, her grandfather and the Dine God of the Navajo, ordered her to leave permanently. Head held high, she packed her few belongings and left, determined to live her life on her own terms.

New experiences would be good for her, Fatal told herself while barhopping from Broadway to Westport Road, hoping to find the perfect atmosphere. A niggling itch under her skin kept her alert for possible trouble lurking in the shadows, but the cool metal caressing the inside of her thighs reminded her protection lay within arm’s reach. She never knew when a new set of demons would pop into her life and resented the intrusion she was forced to endure.

As she ambled down the darkened streets, she moved with a sense of ease, gaining blatant glances or admiring stares. She knew she was breathtaking, however bad omens had few friends, no dates, and no boyfriends. People in her hometown hadn’t hesitated to ask her for advice, or to chant with them when it suited their needs. She lived in solitude, with the exception of her occasional visits from her grandfather Sani, and Taima her mentor. She pushed her musings aside and moved through an alleyway that broke off to the next major street.

Silence surrounded her. She turned to head south when something caught her eye. Intrigued, she meandered down a side street and came to a demonic-looking, gargoyle-protected, granite structure. An eerie blood-red sign hung above thick vault doors with the words “Demonic Persuasion” in black paint. She’d heard of the club that catered to just about anyone’s needs and decided to get in line. Reaching the final steps to the entrance of the club, Fatal flashed a smile at the doorman and waited for him to move.

"The fee’s ten bucks."

Digging in her boot, her gaze strayed to the bunched biceps peaking out of his black tee-shirt, roving over his cut physique. Slapping cash into his hand, she smiled. "Happy now?”

"I’ll be when you check your weapons, if it's even possible for you to have any hidden underneath your black corset and micro miniskirt.”

"Oh, you’d be surprised what one can hide against near-naked skin. My name’s Ackchetta, most call me Fatal." She smirked and hiked up her skirt. Buried between her thighs were two small blades. Thin metal stars she'd hidden on her hipbones slid into her palms without effort. Flashing an annoyed expression, she dropped them in his outstretched hand. "There you go, I want them back though."

"The one behind your back too, sweet stuff."

His droll expression did nothing to alleviate the feeling of nakedness without her weaponry. "Aren't you going to be polite and tell me your name?"


Anger set in. She smoothed her hands over her short skirt and adjusted her scant top. Her hackles rose when he spun her around and tapped the slender blade. “No one said you could touch!” She let out a growl and removed the extra-slim blade hidden under her corset top.

"My club, my rules. No fighting, no weapons, and no magic, if--you know any."

"Since you’re scared of a small thing like me, I think I can behave myself for a few hours.”

He sent a dazzling smile her way and then turned to a young woman. Dropping her weapons into an outstretched hand, he whispered into the sleek brunette woman’s ear.

Fatal narrowed her eyes. "It's rude to whisper."

"Follow Marzena, she'll take you to the weaponry hold and issue you a ticket."

“I still didn’t catch your name.”

“I know.”

Rude and hot. About to turn away, her breath hitched when the shimmering tattoos sprang to life on his skin. From head to toe he was a sight to behold. Long black hair touched his shoulders. His blue eyes sparkled when he smiled. Thick muscles bunched with every movement. Long legs encased in black trousers, muscular thighs brought a silent moan of want to her lips. She’d never wanted like this. She stole a look at his goatee and wondered how it’d feel scraping across her face, his breath on her mouth before he kissed her with the same intensity he stared at her with. She’d do anything to feel those lips on hers, to touch the once-broken, too-many-times-healed nose...

Author Notes:  You can view Mahalia's Author Site and blogs online at...

Mahalia Levy: The Decadent Side of Sin

Quackers and Tease

Novel Sisterhood


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Yes, I've finally given in and jumped on the Twitter bandwagon.  You can now follow me on Twitter at Indigo Ink and Art for the latest updates, news, and happenings in the Indigo Zone.  My goal is to get 100 new followers on Twitter this week.  I want to create an online platform for myself, and this was the logical first step.  Now that my blog's getting more followers and some great new content, it's time to join the Twitter-verse!  I'll be tweeting updates as often as I can at

In other news, I've got a big day ahead... I need to edit a new submission from Dirk Deeper, my apprentice and author of Notes From Under the Desk.  Very sexy, and quite distracting...  I should have a naughty new story for you soon, straight from his talented pen.

I'll also be working on interview questions for my upcoming interviews with Cathy Yardley and Mahalia Levey with the goal of sending those off today.  I'm connecting with a lot of new faces online, and doing link trades with some erotica sites I found through Twitter.  Check out the newest additions to my "Sexy, Sizzling Links" list, and let me know what you think! It's all happening!!!

If you wish to be added to my "Sexy, Sizzling Links" list, or you're interested in being interviewed for Indigo Skye: Ink and Art, I'd love to hear from you.  Please connect with me via email at...

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Coming Attractions!

Next week, look for two exciting new interviews with authors Cathy Yardley and Mahalia Levey.  I'll be hard at work in the studio doing research for those features this weekend, and can't wait to work with these amazing ladies! 

I've been a big fan of Cathy Yardley's since I first read her fabulous book on writing Chick Lit, "Will Write For Shoes."  Mahalia Levey is a writer whose work I first became acquainted with through Quackers & Tease.  Her newest book, Soulbound, is being released later this month.  Mahalia and Cathy, welcome to Indigo Skye: Ink and Art!

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Queen of Night

Attention Poem-a-vores:

Here's a juicy little morsel for you...

I've just posted a new poem, Queen of Night, on my poetry page.  Click on Night Vision: Poetry to Pierce the Darkness to view the complete work and my author's notes about a juicy new project set in Las Vegas.
Bon Appetit!

An Interview with Keta Diablo

Author Keta Diablo is a creative dynamo with a talented pen. We recently connected online at the Scarlet Magazine forum, and I’ve been getting to know her and her work. She’s just released a new novel, Where the Rain is Made, and is currently touring a blog near you! She interviewed me earlier this week for Quackers & Tease, a multi-author romance and erotica blog. I just had to know more about his fascinating woman, her work, and her creative journey. Keta, welcome to Indigo Skye: Ink and Art!

Q: Our readers are anxious to know more about your newest novel, Where the Rain is Made. What originally inspired you to write about this period in history?

A: Thank you so much for asking about Where The Rain Is Made, and you asked the perfect question about what inspired me. When my youngest son, Dylan, was twelve, he took a sudden fascination with American history. We spent endless hours at the local libraries researching and checking out a lot of books about the Native Americans who shaped our country. He took a particular interest in the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers and their bravery and ill-fated life. He moved on to another topic of interest about a year later, and here I was with all these wonderful stories and research about the Dog Soldiers. It seemed only natural that I should write a story about them.

Q:  Where can readers obtain a copy of your new novel?

A:  Where the Rain is Made is now available at Amazon Kindle and at Decadent Publishing.

Q:  Can you tell us a little about the plot and characters in your newest book, Where The Rain Is Made?

A:  A decadent-looking savage has captured Francesca DuVall and her brother, Marsh. Now she must spend every waking moment planning an escape. However, she didn’t count on the powerful draw of desire interfering with her scheme in the camp of the brutal Cheyenne dog soldiers.

Ethan Gray is a curator at a national museum . . . most of the time, but when he travels through time to help his beloved People he becomes Meko, leader of the most revered and feared tribe of the plains. 

Although their worlds are decades apart, Meko can’t resist the dark beauty he kidnapped during a raid. He has many battles to fight but none he wants to win more than the one that will capture Cesca’s heart forever. From the windswept plains of Colorado and the harsh life of a Dog Soldier to the placid life of a curator, their love was fueled by passion and kindled by destiny.


Where the Rain is Made
A New Novel by Keta Diablo

Now a Bestseller on Amazon!

Q: Sounds like you’ve got a lot of exciting events planned to promote your new book. Can you tell us more about what’s involved in promoting your work, and give us a few details about your upcoming blog tour?

A: Yes, well as most authors know writing the book is only half the battle. Now to get that “baby” in front of readers it takes an enormous amount of publicity. I spend approximately two hours out of every day, precious time away from my writing, posting blurbs and excerpts to many social networking sites. I also belong to many online communities, forums, nings, MySpace, Facebook, Live Journal, Twitter and a host of others. If you Google “Keta Diablo” several pages will appear. In large part, this is due to spreading the word about my books.

You can find me here, on Twitter. I’m an affiliate author at a wonderful site in the UK called Alternative Read. Join their forums here, where you’ll find me hanging out quite often. I also spend time at Erotic 4 All in the UK, another fun site.

Q: Have you already started work on a new book? Give me all the juicy details!

A: I always have several projects in the works, since I write for five publishers now. Oh-oh, now you know what I do with my life! I’m working on a Texas Ranger series, and writing a sequel to Where The Rain Is Made. I also write gay fiction for Noble Romance, Phaze Publishing and Amber Quill Press (mostly novellas). Some of my new releases in the gay fiction arena are Hot and Sticky, and Blood Oath, a vampire novella. My best-selling Male/Male novella on Amazon right now is Magnolia Heat.

Q: Do you work with a story outline, or do you prefer to let the characters surprise you?

A: I work with a story outline in my head for weeks before I sit down at the computer. I don’t generally use an outline to work from, but will sometimes jot down my thoughts about a scene or the characters. I’m one of those writers who have tried outlines, note cards, sticky notes and scene-by-scene chapter scribbling and they don’t work for me. So I plan everything in my head, go over every conversation and every scene before I plop my butt in the chair. Once I know my characters well, then I begin to write.

The characters rarely surprise me, although one time I planned on killing off a secondary character in a novel. When it came time to actually cut him from the novel, I my fingers wouldn’t cooperate with my brain commands. As it turned out, I’m glad I spared him since he eventually had his own book.

Q: What’s the toughest part of your job?

Remaining disciplined, particularly in the summer months. If you’re a serious writer, it can’t be a part-time dalliance.

To make a living or a career from writing you have to write every day of the week, even if it’s nothing more than nonsense at first. I like to remember that you can do something with words on the page, but a blank piece of paper is going nowhere.

And of course the other thing is reading all the commentary about your books. I learned long ago to avoid reading reviews, and I if I happen to stumble across one where the reader wasn’t fond of the story, I take it with a grain of salt. Not everyone has the same reading tastes and authors shouldn’t take reviews too seriously.

Q: Any words of wisdom for fledgling writers hoping to get into the biz?

Again, write every day and read everything you can get your hands on about writing, particularly regarding those genres you intend to write. I’ve never sought the assistance of an agent, and right now with the publishing industry in such a flux, I don’t see that on the immediate horizon for me. I’m waiting to see what happens when the dust settles.

Bookstores are closing left and right, agents seem to be wringing their hands over the state of the industry and many authors I know are branching out on their own, delving into self-publishing. With the explosion of ebooks, who knows where the market will be in two years?

For me, writing is not a hobby, but my livelihood, so I can’t afford to take it lightly. Don’t listen to the naysayers. If people tell you all the negative stuff about your writing or the endless hours you spend going nowhere, ditch them. This includes family (lol).

Never give up. Keep at it every day, and this means putting your butt in the chair and writing, and then write some more.

Q: What’s the worst professional advice you’ve ever received?

A:  To abide by every rule ever written about writing. Know the rules, learn your craft, study everything you can about writing, and then learn when you can break the rules and when you can’t. Point of View is important, so is learning about passive voice, sentence structure, knowing proper grammar and the basics. But if I had listened to every rule I ever read – “Don’t do this, never break this,” etc. I would be a very stagnant, boring writer. Push the envelope and breech the barriers in your writing. In other words, take a chance and don’t adhere to all the rigid guidelines. I think we can get so hung up on dos and don’ts we stifle our writing, kill the thrill and adventure of the written word.

Q: If you could travel back in time, and give your unpublished self one gift, what would that gift be?

A: If I could travel back in time, I’d go back a lot further than when I began my writing career. Hell, I’d be back in early Scotland chasing down kilts. Or perhaps early Wales. I haven’t wasted my time wishing for favors or praying someone comes knocking on my door with a million dollar contract. It’s not going to happen.

Writing is a lot about patience, talent and the luck of the Irish. Being in the right place at the right time doesn’t hurt either. The success stories you hear where an author becomes an overnight sensation is about as common as pigs that fly. Keep writing, and stop wasting your time on frivolous thoughts- whatever happens has already been decreed.

Q: Leather or lace?

A: Leather for sure. I was raised with all boys and there are a ton of the little hoodlums. I have the scars to prove it. Mom is still around, thank goodness, and I often ask her while looking in the mirror, “Where exactly were you while I was growing up?” Just kidding, she’s a wonderful mother. It’s a wonder to me at all I survived childhood. Course, not one of my brothers will 'fess up to being responsible for my minor battle wounds, but claim they spent their childhood watching out for me. Lord, help me if they hadn’t, I guess.

lndigo, thanks so much for hosting me on your lovely site.

My Pleasure.

A Special Note To Readers from Keta Diablo:  If you want to know more about my writing, you can find me on the web at the following links:

Keta’s Keep Erotic Romance blog,

Keta’s Haunt, Author Home,

The Stuff of Myth and Men, Gay Fiction Blog,

What's Brewing? Interviews, New Stories, and Nano Madness

I recently connected with author Keta Diablo on the Scarlet forum.  We share many of the same interests, and I wanted to take a moment to introduce her work here.  I've added her author website and her blogs, Keta's Keep and The Stuff of Myth and Men, to my blogroll.  I know you'll enjoy her work as much as I do!

Keta recently interviewed me for the website, Quackers & Tease, a multi-author romance and erotica blog.  I'm honored to be featured there in such distinguished company!  Please follow this link to read my Interview with Keta Diablo for Quackers & Tease.

Turnabout is fair I also interviewed the lovely Ms. Diablo.  She's recently released a new novel, Where the Rain is Made, so we dished the dirt about her book and had a great conversation about creativity, and her career.  I'll be posting that interview later today.  In the meantime, check out Keta's Blog Tour for a chance to win a copy of her newest release!

In other creative news, writers the world over are gearing up for National Novel Writing Month.  I'll be participating this year- I've already got some very sexy ideas brewing for my Nano Novel.  I've really hit my creative stride this summer, with lots of new photos and stories, and projects galore!  This fall, I really want to focus my energy on taking my writing to the next level.  I'll be tracking my journey here- my mistakes, mis-steps, and fumblings towards the ecstasy of creating.  I know you'll be there every step of the way, cheering me on!

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New Feature Launching This Week!

My naughty new apprentice, Dirk Deeper, just contributed a new article to my Guest Starring page.  Notes from Under the Desk is a sexy read, with a detailed description of our first lesson together.  I think Dirk learned a lot... and he's certainly eager for more!   Can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

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