Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Revealing Interview with Rebecca Bond

In an effort to support our troops, I'm interviewing the authors of Uniform Behaviour. This anthology is full of sizzling encounters with men and women in uniform. A portion of the proceeds from sales is donated to the UK charity, Help for Heroes.

This summer, we're holding a fabulous photo contest- just snap a pic of yourself reading Uniform Behaviour and you could win some great prizes. See my Contests Page for more information.

Indigo Skye Interviews Author Rebecca Bond

Q: Welcome to Indigo Skye: Ink and Art! Thrilled to have you here today, Rebecca. Please tell our readers about your sexiest encounter with someone in uniform...

A: A beach in Cyprus. A summer’s night. A squaddie. That’s all I’m sayin.’

Q: What was the inspiration behind the stories you penned for Uniform Behavior?

A: I penned two stories for this anthology, Sin City and Fireman’s Lift. Although Fireman’s Lift is the first story in the anthology, the first story I wrote was Sin City. Not only was it the first for this anthology, but it was the first story I wrote with publication in mind and for those reasons it’s a story dear to my heart. The inspiration? Well, many bods out there know I have a few obsessions in life, two of these being New York City and those that police its streets. Thus, Sin City was born – a sexy tale about a strong female NYPD cop, who chases down a sinister perp. Tables are turned midway, and a rather filthy erotic encounter ensues. Gritty erotica!

Q: Sounds hot! Any steamy new projects in the works? We'd love to dish about your latest release and any works in progress you'd like to discuss.

A: I do have a few new pieces on the go. In terms of new releases, I have a short story due for publication soon by Ravenous Romance. It’s an F/F piece and the first story I wrote in that category so I’m very nervous about it going public.

I’ve also had another story accepted by the lovely Lucy Felthouse for her upcoming anthology Seducing the Myth. My story, The Dark Night Rusalka, is a dirty little tale of a beautiful Polish lass who needs to avenge her death in order for her soul to be set free. And how does she go about this? Well, you’ll just have to grab yourself a copy of the book and find out ;-)

Q: What's your favorite national holiday to celebrate in bed, and why?

A: I’m not gonna lie, I like my bed. Yes, I’m a very, very big fan of bed and therefore would quite like to spend every day in bed, national holiday or no national holiday!

Q: Your pick for hottest uniform- soldier, policeman, fireman, or priest? (If none of these do it for you, what is your favorite uniform and why?)

A: I love the NYPD get-up but I do love me a fireman – utter delish!

Q: Favorite way to unwind on a long holiday weekend?

A: Me. The Boy. My bed. ‘Nuf said ;-)

Q: When you're not hard at work creating steamy erotica, how do you like to spend your time?

A: I live in London. Although I’ve lived here for nearly four years, there’s still so much of the city I’m unfamiliar with. I love nothing more than to grab my closest pals and go mooching about town. I’ve discovered so many new things this year alone; my new favourite brunch spot in Brockwell, the vibrant markets of Portobello, a cute little cafe in Crystal Palace where I can indulge both my coffee and cupcake addiction, a great old skool spa nestled deep within the backstreets of Bayswater, an amazing indie bookstore in Herne Hill – the list is endless. So, when I’m not writing, I pretend to be a tourist in my own city and then use it all as inspiration for more stories.

Q: I'm always interested in what other authors are reading. Your top three picks for a great book to read on the beach?

A: Any and EVERY book by Lee Child. As I’ve mentioned before, Jack Reacher is my superhero. Seriously, I could read these books again and again and again.

Q: The ‘I Heart...’ series by Lindsey Kelk. I discovered this author when I was in New York last year and although dubious at first (never before being a fan of chicklit), I am now addicted to every word she writes.

A: Well, this is easy – Uniform Behaviour! Grit, action, romance, drama, passion and raw, rampant sex – what more could you want in a book?!

Q: Tell us about your day as a writer- do you stick to a set schedule, or just write when inspiration strikes?

A: I’m an erratic, disorganised mess of a writer. I sometimes plan, but the plan never gets used so I usually just start writing without much of an idea of story and pray that the outcome is stable enough to work with. I wouldn’t really recommend this method!

Q: What inspires you, makes you itch to write?

A: At the moment it’s people. There are a few people in my life who inspire me and thus I find myself wanting to write because of them, sometimes for them. I have quite a few stories that have been written at the personal request of others, stories that are for their eyes only. Usually though, it’s a place I’ve been, something I’ve seen when mooching about town, a dream I’ve had. It really could be anything that gets my creative juices flowing.

Q: Are any of your stories based on personal experiences, or are they mostly derived from your fantasies/imagination?

A: I think it’s safe to say that there is a small part of me in every story I write, although this doesn’t mean I’ve had firsthand experience with everything that happens in those stories.

Q: Do you do any research as part of the writing process? What does that entail?

A: Of course. Research is important in terms of accuracy to detail. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean I run out and enact everything in reality before it makes it to the page, but in terms of locations, historical detail, things like that then yes, research is important.

Q: Any final words of inspiration for emerging authors?

A: Never let anyone make you feel as though you don’t deserve your dream. If you want to write, write. If you want people to read your work, show them.

Author Bio:

Bewitched by the vibrancy of city life, Rebecca Bond currently resides in London with The Boy, her fella of eight years. Originally from the sleepy Fens she uses a combination of urban and rural inspiration to carve stories steeped in fantasy. As long as there’s a good coffee house nearby and chocolate is always within reach Rebecca happily breezes through life and the hurdles it throws in her way.

By daylight Rebecca Bond is immersed in frantic city life working with the UK’s Law Enforcement officers, but by moonlight she uses her daily copperings to fuel her inner muse into creating erotic offerings, transforming mundane reality into exquisite fantasy.

Rebecca has works published on The Erotic Woman and Erotica for All websites, and in the recently released anthology ‘Uniform Behaviour’.

Author Links...
Author Website: http://www.missrebeccabond.co.uk/

Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/edit/?id=177892785573785&sk=basic#!/pages/Miss-Rebecca-Bond/177892785573785?v=wall

Twitter: http://www.twitter/MissRebeccaBond


  1. Rebecca, I love you all the more as you've used my favourite word...Mooch! :)

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