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Guest Starring... Margie Church!

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Welcomes Margie Church!

Celebrating Hard as Teak by Margie Church

Like many authors, I write novellas between my novels. It's an opportunity for me not to work quite so hard and get myself ready for the next full novel. That was my intention with Hard as Teak. It didn't work out that way. The characters had a lot to say and the story kept evolving. I never envisioned writing a gay male romance; it just happened. When I finished, I had written an utterly romantic coming out story that I hope you'll love.

The book takes place mostly in northern Minnesota. That's where I grew up and it was easy to pull wonderful wilderness sights, sounds, tastes, and scents from my memories and put them into this book. I hope you'll feel like you're right there with Kevin when he arrives at his cabin that first starlit night. There are a few of my favorite haunts sprinkled into the book as well as some of my favorite foods. Every name has been changed, but Kevin's property and cabin are reminiscent of a place that I spent so many wonderful summer days as a child. The rocky cliff where he photographs Teak, the island he used to swim to, and the small lake he fishes on with Drew, are all places I used to go and sometimes still enjoy. When Kevin dives into the frigid lake, I hope you'll shudder with the chill and the thrill of the water passing your body. And while teak doesn't grow in the Minnesota forests, the name came to me as strong, sexy, and fitting for a woodlands lover.

Now let's enjoy the blurb and a sexy excerpt...

Hard as Teak

by Margie Church

Kevin Marks escapes to the north woods to reignite his passion for photography and women. But the only flame he seems able to spark is for his latest photography subject, Teak Hildalgo. Kevin's never been in a man's arms before.

Teak, the raven-haired, photographer's dream come true, is hell bent on capturing Kevin's heart. He takes Kevin, body and soul, on a romantic, sexual journey previously lived only in Kevin's fantasies. And no dream was ever this good, no truth this undeniable.

How will Kevin react? When the camera's put away, will Teak live up to his name?


Teak rocked back in his chair, studying his new friend. Kevin had that all-American-boy look. Blond hair and blue-grey eyes the color of the sky just before sunset. His coloration fit right in with almost every Scandinavian person living in the area. Except for that all-over tan. Great shape, tall, clean-shaven—everywhere from what Teak had seen—and a dick that could definitely get someone's attention. He's certainly got mine.

His body had reacted strongly when he'd come upon Kevin lying naked on the dock. The cold-water bath took the edge off the throbbing in his cock this afternoon, but what about now? When Kevin smiled, his whole face lit up. Great lips. Thinking of Kevin going down on him made his balls tense. Wonder what he'd do if I made a move?

Teak got back to the subject of having his photo taken. "You know what? It's cool. No offense taken. I'm flattered, I guess. The chicks are always on me, but it's nice to . . . ."

"To what?"

"To know they're not entirely full of shit just because they wanna get laid." Teak slid his chair back and picked up his plate. He set it on the sink. "Thanks for dinner."

"You're not leaving are you? You probably shouldn't drive."

Teak leaned against the counter. Kevin's interest in him was apparent, but he wasn't sure Kevin was tuned into his own feelings. Kevin's behavior reminded him of a first date. Does he realize it? I'll take it slow. If it's a mistake, I'll say it's the beer talking. "If you don't mind, I'll stay. I'd hate to spend the night in jail. Even the DNR guys are a pain in the ass this time of year."

* * * * *

While Teak used the bathroom, Kevin grabbed his camera and went outside. The half-moon provided perfect illumination on the frost clinging to the wildflowers. Careful not to breathe on the tender crystals, he knelt next to his subject and adjusted the camera to capture the perfect moonlit conditions.

Kevin glanced over his shoulder when the front door opened and shut with a heavy thud. Teak rubbed his hands together and then shoved them under his arms. "What are you doing? It's freezing out here."

Kevin clicked the shutter one last time and rose. The effects of his last beer made him stumble back a step; Teak grabbed his arm. Kevin broke into an alcohol-induced fit of laughter. "Just what I need—to drop this camera—and break it—or my shutter finger." Kevin wiggled his index finger a few times while laughing at his own joke.

"I suppose that thing is pretty expensive."

"Very. Let's go inside before I die of thirst, too."

"We've probably both had enough beer for one night, but I won't argue about going inside. There'll definitely be a hard frost tonight."

Opening the cabin door let out a blast of warm air. The sharp temperature contrast hit Kevin in the face, making him woozy. "Shit, it's hot in here." He peeled off his jacket and shirt and tossed them one at a time onto a nearby chair. "Do you want a bottle of water or some coffee or something?"

"I'll take the water. Wouldn't hurt to sober up a bit," Teak said. "I hate hangovers."

"You and me both." He retrieved two bottles of water from the fridge and handed one to Teak. "And if the night's still young, we can get drunk again later." Kevin laughed with his half-smashed friend and took a swig of water. "I'm going to make up the guest bed." He couldn't resist making another wisecrack. "The maid service sucks around this joint."

"You probably look stupid as hell in an apron anyway. Go make the bed."

"You're not helping? Shit, the assistant to the maid service sucks too." Chuckling, he walked to the closet to dig out some bed linens.

Kevin turned on the light. He'd used this bedroom countless times growing up and even got laid in here a couple of nights. The fitted sheet snapped as he shook it open. He made his way to the headboard to tuck in the corners.

He couldn't believe what a turn-on Teak was. The realization startled him. He'd never been sexually attracted to any man he'd met. At least not this strongly. He didn't mind watching a couple guys getting frisky with each other while they were messing with a woman in videos. But, I never really wanted to touch another guy's junk. He'd tasted his own cum many times. But from a cum-soaked pussy. He'd fantasized about sucking dick—countless times. But never thought I'd want it if I could actually get it. He unfolded the flat sheet.

With the sheets tucked in, he reached for the comforter and spread it on the bed. Lost in his lusty thoughts, he didn't hear Teak arrive and Kevin stumbled against him. Teak's arms wove around his ribs, preventing him from falling. Like the proverbial deer in the headlights, Kevin froze and didn't say a word. Pleasure whip corded his dick. His heart hammered. Resting his head rested against Teak's bare shoulder, he wondered when Teak had taken off his shirt. The trimmed hair felt stiff and foreign against his skin. No other man had ever held him this way. Kevin noticed rough calluses between softer patches of skin on Teak's hands. He soaked in the new sensations, enjoying them.

Silence thundered in Kevin's ears as he turned and met Teak's gaze. The intensity he saw nearly choked the breath right out of his lungs. What little air remained ran for cover when Teak's lips met his. The feelings reminded him of his very first kiss, heady and surreal. His lips twisted with Teak's. He'd never experienced the force of a man's tongue in his mouth or the scrape of another man's beard on his face. Not this way. Guttural sounds filled Kevin's throat. His breath hissed through his nostrils. These were the sounds of an aroused man. Except another man is turning me on.

Teak kept a loose hold on Kevin's waist. The non-threatening hold gave Kevin free reign to accept or deny him. For a long minute, he participated in the kiss as though moving with a partner in a choreographed dance. He knew what to do and how to do it, but his brain and his dick were going in opposite directions. Kevin's cock was so hard he wanted to take it out and come. His brain kept screaming at him to slow down. Confusion filled him. He broke from the kiss and focused on Teak's tattoo, glad for the distraction.

"Aren't you going to say something?" Teak asked in a soft voice.

"This is the most amazing tattoo." How fucking lame was that?

"Touch it."

With nervous hesitation, Kevin traced the pronounced veins on the dragon's side, and higher to its curved neck. Continuing to follow the dragon's neck with his index finger led to Teak's nipple. The hardened nub looked ready to be clenched in the dragon's sharp teeth. Or mine.

"Taste me," Teak said, his voice hoarse and hushed.

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Author Bio...

Margie Church writes erotic romance novels with a strong suspense element, in keeping with her moniker: Romance with SASS (Suspense Angst Seductive Sizzle). She has a degree in writing and editing and has been a professional writer, editor, and journalist for over 25 years. If you enjoy books that you can't put down, then read one of hers.

Margie lives in Minnesota, is married, and has two children. Some of her passions are music, flower gardening, biking, walking her dog on moonlit nights, nature, and making people laugh. She also writes children's books under the pen name, Margaret Rose.


  1. Indigo, thanks for having me today. I always enjoy spending time with my fellow Noble authors.

  2. Oh Great post! And waaaay hawt excerpt! Hmmm as for the contest entry...
    Honestly until lately they didn't appeal to me... But I have slowly found authors that can truly wrap you up in their stories of same sex love and romance. :)


  3. Hey Margie! Just passing through--and I must say, hot excerpt--love the slow burn build up and would love to know what happens next. I don't know that I'm drawn to m/m or m/f or any other combo so much as I'm drawn to the romance. The players are irrelevant as long as the romance is hot and the story is strong. Congrats on the new release! Lila

  4. Nicole and Lila, thank you for coming by. Nicole, maybe Teak will make a convert of you! And Lila, I agree wholeheartedly. The romance draws me in every time. I've even read some historicals recently and I'm not a fan of the genre, but the writing was fabulous.

  5. Enjoyed the excerpt. Would have liked it more if it had been 2 women ;-) I like your style. You have a way with words that is pleasing, not sure what I'm trying to say. It was well written, well done you.

  6. Thank you, T. A "well done, you," is a home run. Keep in touch.