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Trippin' The Light Fantastic, Part II

Indigo Skye: Ink and Art
Welcomes Author Rebecca Bond
And the Anxiously-Awaited Sequel to
Trippin' the Light Fantastic

Trippin’ the Light Fantastic Part II
by Rebecca Bond

Jessie glanced at the clock on the wall. Only thirty minutes had passed since entering The Host’s ‘Fantasy Chamber.’ Thirty minutes had passed and another glorious ninety minutes remained. She smiled and looked down at her playmate, Alexis. She looked so beautiful like this, Jessie thought, her skin still dappled with red dots of candle wax, her lips so pink and plump from furious kisses, her eyes so wide and glossy and expectant.

The power Jessie felt sent waves of excitement rushing to her loins and she wiggled slightly in an attempt to quell the ever growing thirst of her hungry pussy. Her pussy was encased in the tiniest of fabric, sheer black material that clung to her body and really concealed nothing at all. She smiled wickedly as she looked down at her playmate, a whole ninety minutes of fun to be had.

“So beautiful, sweetheart,” she murmured as she slowly skimmed her fingers over Alexis’ wax-covered skin.

Alexis gazed up at the older woman, a coy expression on her face as she pulled against her restraints. With an evil smirk, Jessie watched her playmate squirm, delighting in her discomfort. She slowly stalked to the foot of the bed and gazed at Alexis’ mound. Her lips were spread wide, her pink, silky flesh glistening with arousal. Her hips bucked slightly and Jessie laughed.

“Begging for my touch, sweetheart?” She teased.

Nodding pathetically, a plump lip still caught between her teeth, Alexis bucked again, higher towards Jessie’s touch. Jessie rested her hands on Alexis’ legs, smoothing them along the milky flesh of the younger woman and up towards her open pout. Curling her fingers slightly, she dug her fingernails into the porcelain thigh, a sly smile appearing on her face as the young woman gasped in surprise. She grazed her nails over the tender skin of Alexis’ inner thigh, enjoying the way she wriggled and writhed beneath her tormenting touch.

“You don’t like that, sweetheart?” Jessie asked as her fingernails continued their path of destruction.

This time Alexis spoke. “Yes, Miss. I...” her breath hitched again as Jessie scratched a little harder, “...I, er, I like it very much.”

“Mmm, I can see that.” Jessie crouched at the foot of the bed, her face now level with one very fragrant pussy. She inhaled deeply, “I can smell your arousal, sweetheart, and it smells divine.”

Leaning forward, Jessie stilled her hands and pressed her palms against Alexis’ thighs. She inched her face towards the splayed cunt and licked the length of her slit. She watched as Alexis’ head lolled to the side, her eyes fluttering shut as she administered another slow lick to her core. This was it, the first time Jessie had ever tasted another woman. She was slow with her ministrations, careful to absorb the moment for what it was and to enjoy every single second.

“Mmm, you taste delicious, sweetheart, so ripe and juicy.”

Alexis moaned and tried to thrust her pussy closer to Jessie’s mouth, but to no avail given her restrained position. With one swift flick of her tongue against Alexis’ swollen clit, Jessie stood and marched around the bed, a panther stalking its prey with fire in her eyes. She stopped, this time at the head of the bed, and peered down at the young woman. Alexis looked like a doll, a porcelain beauty with features painted on lovingly by the artist and his brush. Reaching out, Jessie brushed a finger across Alexis’ cheek and along her parted lips. Her insides twisted as she watched a pink tongue snake out to capture her finger. Her eyes narrowed, hooded with lust as Alexis sucked her finger deep into her mouth.

Squirming, Jessie couldn’t contain the desire that was building so rapidly in her cunt. She felt her inner muscles clench, trying to stop her juices from seeping further down her thighs. Expelling a whimper of her own, she slowly withdrew her finger from between Alexis’ youthful lips, wishing more than anything that she could feel her oral magic on her own aching pussy.

Jessie stood back abruptly, purposefully breaking the spell that seemed to be forming between her and Alexis. This was a fantasy. Her fantasy. Turning her back to her young lover, she walked to the table of toys on the far side of the room. Taking her time, she admired toy after toy, fingering phalluses and stroking many variety of implement. A spark ignited deep within her as her eyes settled upon a leather crop, the end crafted into a thick, rubber tongue. She fingered the object, running her pads along the long handle before settling upon the tiny paddle. It was cool to the touch.

She turned towards Alexis, looking at her with an evil glint in her eye. A sudden ‘swoosh’ sounded in the room as Jessie flicked the crop through the air with gusto. Unable to suppress the laughter at the way the young lover flinched, Jessie approach the bed again. Slowly. Alexis watched with wary eyes, confused, half tempted to yell ‘stop!’ and half tempted to scream for Jessie to hurry up.

Finding herself at the foot of the bed again, Jessie’s gaze rested upon the dewy cunt that was spread wide for her. She ran the tip over the tender flesh of Alexis’ inner thighs, careful to jump her aching crevasse. Jessie wanted her playmate worked up to the point of no return, to the point where she begged for her touch, to relieve the throbbing within her loins. And relieve her she would, with her fingers, with her lips, with her tongue. But, not until she begged.

Alexis yelped as she felt the gentle slap of the crop’s paddle on her pussy. Jessie was careful not to hurt her playmate, but continued to pound against her pussy, slap after relentless slap on that beautiful cunt, slick and smooth with juicy arousal.

“You like that, sweetheart?”

Alexis squirmed, her face screwed up in pain, but her hips bucking constantly for more. Dropping the crop, Jessie climbed onto the bed and crawled along Alexis’ body until they were face to face. She lowered her lips to her young lovers’ and captured them in a searing kiss, heat pulsing throughout her veins as tongue slid against tongue. Eager to feel her tongue against her pussy, Jessie quickly positioned herself so her mouth was level with Alexis’ mound.

“Lick me,” she said to Alexis before her own tongue snaked out and licked the plump outer lips of Alexis’ pussy, delving further inside soon after.

Jessie’s stomach muscles tightened as she felt Alexis’ lips on her clit, suckling on her swollen pearl before flicking the very tip of her tongue across the begging nub. She lowered her pussy further onto Alexis’ face and shivered as the young vixen slipped her tongue deftly inside her aching core. She throbbed, seething as her lover worked her with abandon.

As her climax fast approached, Jessie sucked furiously on Alexis, feasting on the beautiful treat that had been presented to her by The Host. She shuddered as her own pussy was ravished by the mouth of another, a porcelain beauty so ready and willing to worship her. Dipping her finger between Alexis’ dripping folds, Jessie stroked her with determination, coaxing forth her climax and causing her to erupt against her lips. Jessie screamed against Alexis’ cunt as her own orgasm surfaced, a hot fire raging throughout her loins.

Tired and sated, Jessie forced herself to move from the bed, silently releasing Alexis from her bonds. She tugged of her younger woman’s hands, urging her upwards until they were both standing. Jessie cupped her cheeks and kissed her with a tenderness that spoke volumes.

“Thank you, Miss,” Alexis whispered as their lips parted.

“Oh no, sweetheart, thank you.”

A key turning in the lock alerted them to the end of their fantasy and as The Host appeared in the doorway, both women silently went their separate ways.

Author Bio:

Bewitched by the vibrancy of city life, Rebecca Bond currently resides in London with The Boy, her fella of eight years. Originally from the sleepy Fens she uses a combination of urban and rural inspiration to carve stories steeped in fantasy. As long as there’s a good coffee house nearby and chocolate is always within reach Rebecca happily breezes through life and the hurdles it throws in her way.

By daylight Rebecca Bond is immersed in frantic city life working with the UK’s Law Enforcement officers, but by moonlight she uses her daily copperings to fuel her inner muse into creating erotic offerings, transforming mundane reality into exquisite fantasy.

Rebecca has works published on The Erotic Woman and Erotica for All websites, and in the recently released anthology ‘Uniform Behaviour’.

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Twitter ID: MissRebeccaBond

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