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Erotic Wonderland

Indigo Skye: Ink and Art
Welcomes Soulverbs!

A Note from Indigo Skye:

I recently hosted the lovely and talented Sara Fina on my blog.  She offered up a sexy story starter to inspire my followers, and one reader in particular really ran with the story.  Welcome, Soulverbs!  Here's the story-starter that inspired his pen...

Sitting across the room, Jacob thought he had made himself clear. Lindsay, however, was showing no sign that she had received any message. Their argument was still fresh in his heart, yet he knew that fighting any longer would be pointless. All Jacob wanted to do was make Lindsay feel the love he had been unable to put into words. He slowly rose to his feet. His piercing blue eyes were unrelenting as he stepped closer to her. She watched as he placed his warm hand on the small of her back and, from there…

Erotic Wonderland

By Soulverbs

The air between them solidified, almost coming alive. His touch was the gentle caress of electricity, gentle like the spark of life. Lindsay cried out in shock, in pain, not the pain of hurt, but the pain of ecstasy. She wanted to know him better than she knew herself. Jacob would be her masterpiece.
With Jacob, everything was more alive. Water tasted like wine, lights blazed with the heat of the sun, and each kiss was an intimate wonderland of seduction. She was the rabbit hole and he was her Alice...

Jacob felt the stirrings of her flesh, the warm sensation of her skin giving off sparks. How could he have been so blind to her needs? He vowed at that moment, at the realization that for her the big bang was no theory, it was gospel, that he would never raise his voice towards her in anger again.
Moving as if through jelly, as if time slowed to a crawl, Jacob stared into her warm brown eyes and fell; fell like the fallen angel himself. He fell deep into her; losing himself in the warmth of the deepest black hole of love. Somewhere he sensed a pulsing bright light. Swimming back and forth, hither and there, he heard her whisper, “Tonight I am going to be every woman in your fantasy."

Jacob became undone, and for once he knew exactly how to make the rabbit hole give up its treasures.

What happens next will shock you...

A twenty-five year old virgin in his prime, handsome, yet scholarly, Jacob was born in a very religious family. It was only after meeting Lindsay did he start to question morality. His biblical sense of well-being was no longer his focus; Lindsay was his everything. She was the source of his anger, pride, prejudice; she had become is alpha and omega. Today started with anger, but it will end with Jacob submitting to Lindsay, and thus becoming a man.

Lindsay was a flower child. Her parents were spiritual, not religious. They smoked pot, taught at a local community college, and were freethinkers. Lindsay’s life was never well structured, more like freefalling with some control. She and Jacob were as different as night and day. A Jew in love with a half Arab, half-gentile woman was unheard of. She always had the same argument with Jacob every day. “The Zionist will destroy the Middle East,” she would implore, and he would respond, “It was Israel’s right to control her fate.” It was not as if she hated Israel, she respected their culture, strength, and perseverance. What she wanted to do was lash out at Jacob’s family. He was simply in the way.

Jacob had heard it all before. How often did his mother say, “The girl is very beautiful, but she is also very straightforward.” “Are you sure she is the one for you?” His father would just sit there smoking a cigar, holding a glass of cognac, and nod his head in silent approval of his mother’s interrogation. God, how he hated the whole “honor thy parents crap!”

It was weird living with a roommate who was a girl, no, a beautiful woman. Lindsay would walk around half dressed, almost scandalous in appearance. Long jet-black hair, muscular body, graceful as ballerina, except unlike most ballerinas, she had ample ass, Lindsay’s high cheekbones, strong nose, and beautiful brown eyes were mesmerizing. She had pouty lips, and they were full and ripe. Often, he would fantasize about the way she would eat a banana, or tear into a peach, with juices flowing down her lips, only to be captured by her tongue. God, she was killing him, and he loved every minute.

It amazed Lindsay how Jacob’s parents could be so prudish. They would visit their apartment, the one she paid half the rent for, and expect her to change the way she dressed. Their smug look, as if she were a whore did not bother her one bit. In fact, it was the feeling that they did not really see her at all that hurt the most. She was determined to make them recognize her. Therefore, each day they visited was a day with fewer and fewer clothes. It was only after she noticed beyond Jacob’s blushes that he would never stand up to kiss his mother good-bye that she began to understand his problem. Jacob was aroused and in need of an education. Lindsay was just the woman for the job; after all, he was quite handsome.
Jacob touched her in a way that few men ever could. Gentle, yet strong, he cared for her feelings. It was not just hump and bang away until she could not walk. Jacob was making love to her, even as he fucked the living lights out of her. All Lindsay did was imagine Alice falling into the rabbit hole. She imagined Alice’s shiny white dress was dirtied, but instead of Alice, she got Jacob, and instead of a white dress, she got hard white cock, and she loved every inch of him. The feel of Jacob’s circumcised dick slamming into her sent waves of ecstasy reverberating through her body. How many times she came was lost in time.

Lindsay was the perfect lover. She had only known two lovers before Jacob. Once when she was eighteen and a virgin, another when she was twenty-one and engaged, and the now Jacob, he would be her last if he had his way. He loved her, and Jacob believed that Lindsay was in love with him. He had waited his whole life for right the woman, and this woman was truly something special. Nothing could ever be this wet, this tight, this deep. Jacob was stretching the rabbit hole. He heard it pop; he felt it skeet, and now he was about to hear Lindsay scream.

“Oh God damn you, I am cumming!” Lindsay screamed. Jacob kept pumping, kept slamming his rock hard cock deep in her. She was biting his nipples, sucking relentlessly. Her teeth marks left her calling card on his body. Her screams left her name in his head, but her pussy was her signature for his soul. She signed it, “you belong to me.”

Lindsay felt the water flow from her pussy to her ass. It permeated the sheets, and pooled a wet spot as large as her body around them. All she could do was hold on for dear life. If it was not for the fact that she knew Jacob was a virgin, she would start to believe he was porn star. She ached for him. She needed every stroke, every push, and every invasion of her uterus. Jacob was in her mind, in her heart, and in her womb. She loved him before this, but now she worshipped him. Lindsay was speaking in tongues.

Jacob wanted to make the rabbit hole give up its treasures. It did. The purest white cream flowed around his cock. Lindsay’s womb started singing, making noises that scared him at first, but her moans made him realized he was doing the right thing. Her pussy tightened around him forcefully. It was as if her love hole was playing his cock like a flute.

Lindsay pulled her legs up higher and maneuvered her hands to his legs. She knew he was close to cumming, and she wanted all of his seed. He stroked a few more hard deliberate thrusts, and if she timed it right, and she did, he would explode into her. Just as Jacob began to cum, Lindsay shoved a finger deep in his ass…

Jacob never screamed so loud. His body felt as if all the weight of the world was crashing around him. He was the Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar, a Cheshire cat, a Jabberwocky, a White rabbit, the Queen of hearts, and Alice all rolled into one. All the characters he grew up loving as a kid streamed through his mind at the speed of cum. He was Alice, a fucking woman in his mind, and Lindsay was the rabbit hole. When her finger assaulted his ass, taking his virginity, it made him cum like a god. He was in love. Lindsay solely owned him. There was no turning back now.

Jacob collapsed on top of Lindsay. She held him close as he sobbed incoherently into her throat. He was a spent, wasted man. He had nothing left to give. She knew he had given everything he had in those moments before his release. She had made sure that she milked every drop of his seed. She was crying with him. She was crying for him. “There there now baby,” she whispered. “I love you, and I want to be with you.” Jacob fell asleep dreaming of falling into a rabbit hole.

When Jacob finally awakened, still lying on top and inside of Lindsay, he was alarmed. Did he crush her? Did he hurt her? Then she moved and raised his head to meet her eyes. “I said I love you,” Lindsay said. “There is another hole you need to explore Alice and please don’t be afraid,” Lindsay begged.

Jacob smiled like a Cheshire cat and said, “No one does, if they think they can get away with it. That’s a lesson you’ll have to learn.”

Down the Rabbit-Hole...
Photograph by Indigo Skye

Soulverbs Writes...

A 41 year old Capricorn, flawed husband of a beautiful daughter, & loving wife. I'm not perfect, but I am seeking perfection. I'm a 1 1/2 year away from my BS in political science. Politics is my passion, but poetry is my love. When I mature a little more, I hope to teach poetry and creative writing to at risk children. I've taken a few creative writing seminars, and a beginning poetry seminar.  My soul whispers to say more.

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