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Trippin' the Light Fantastic, An Erotic Story by Rebecca Bond

Author Rebecca Bond
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She wasn’t afraid of the night, never had been. The shadows of darkness had never disturbed her. So now, crouching behind the large tombstone in the village graveyard, a wry smile graced her lips as she thought of the hours that were to come. Hours of pleasure. Hours of pain. Hours of soul-enhancing, hedonistic goodness.

She felt her pussy lips part as she squatted close to the ground, hiding herself from view until the last of the crowd had dispersed. The vision of the night’s impending games caused moisture to pool at her centre and her clit to throb against the silk fabric of her panties. How had it come to this? She thought wryly, that I have to sneak around in the dead of night to seek the pleasure I so desperately need.

A hand clasped tightly around her arm, jerking her head away from the crowd ahead.

“You ready?” the voice whispered quietly into the night.

What a question, was she ready? No, she didn’t think she was, but she would carry on regardless and accompany the man through the churchyard and into the field it backed on to.

“Where are we going?” she asked, panting as she hurried to keep up with his strides.

He glanced over his shoulder, a sinister grin appearing on his face as he stared into wide eyes, “you’ll see.”

And see she did, her breath whisked from her chest as she was led through a large door and into an old, majestic building. She inhaled deeply, regaining composure and drinking in the sights and sounds and scents that greeted her. Everywhere she looked there were bodies; luscious ladies with long, lithe limbs that shimmered with baby oil, strong, chiselled men with statuesque physiques tending to whomever they were closest to.

Christ! She thought as she felt her pussy blossom between her thighs, the sheer amount of nakedness displayed in front of her enticing more juice to spill from her pout, now heavy with desire within the confines of her underwear.

“Like what you see Jessie?” he crooned into her neck as his lips descended upon that tender spot behind her ear and began to suck.

“Mmmmm,” was all she could manage as she felt his lips suck harder, his teeth sinking into her flesh and his hands skimming her slender form to settle on her waist, his fingers digging into the flesh, marking, bruising.

Feeling herself being urged forward by the man only known to her as The Host, a tremor of apprehension raced through her veins. But she kept on walking, her eyes darting in every direction as she ventured further and further into the unknown.

He led her through the throngs of people in the entrance room, down the corridors, winding their way through passageways until finally she found herself at a small, wooden door.

“Go on Jessie,” his instructed from behind her, “open the door.”

Stalling only for a moment, Jessie raised her hand and lifted the heavy iron bolt from its lock, pushing the door open and walking gingerly over the threshold. She glanced around the room, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness and taking in the sights that she was met with. In the centre of the room sat the bed she had described in her note, the large piece of furniture covered with pillows and cushions, a softness in contrast to the thick leather restraints that were bolted to each of its four corners.

To the right of the bed was a small mahogany table upon which stood an array of toys, candles, lubes and some rather scary looking implements. Tools of torture, she thought with a nervous smirk. Looking to the left of the bed she saw the rail containing the garments she had described, rows of delectable corsets, harsh and unforgiving in their design, panties and skirts, tights and Hundreds of them covered the stone floor in rows, each pair higher, deadlier and kinkier than the last.

Jessie’s pussy hummed at the sight, a quiver building deep within her cunt as she revelled in all the fantasy and its sensual, sexy, kinky splendour. Turning to The Host she spoke tentatively, “what happens now?”

He chuckled.

“You know what happens now, this is your fantasy.”

Indeed it was. Her fantasy. Just how she had imagined it day after day, night after night as she teased herself to climax after earth-shattering climax. All that was missing was the main ingredient. Her lover.

“Enjoy your night Jessie,” The Host spoke into her back before heading out of the room, leaving her standing alone.

Jumping as the heavy door slammed shut and the bolt slid back into place, locking her inside, Jessie scanned the room, looking for anything she may have missed upon first inspection. Yes, there, kneeling in the far corner of the room, with her head bowed and her hands cuffed, was her playmate.

Making her way slowly across the room, Jessie felt her nipples harden beneath the cotton of her white tee, wishing they were already free from their confines to dance in the cold, damp air.

“Look at me,” she commanded softly as she stood in front of her subject.

The face that greeted her took her breath away, a beautiful face of youthful woman with large, moss-green eyes, thick dark hair, and plump pouty lips. The woman had a shy smile upon her face giving off an air of vulnerability, just what Jessie liked. Vulnerable sex. Shy, loving, sensual, experimental sex.

This was, after all, a first for her, never having been with a woman before. Never before had she sampled the delights of same-sex relations, or anything vaguely kinky for that matter. But here, now, locked away in the dark dungeon with all these toys and a willing playmate, Jessie was determined to sample all that was on offer.

“Stand for me sweetheart,” she instructed the young woman, still bowed at her feet on bended knee.

Now standing in front of her Jessie was able to truly appreciate the accuracy of her fantasy request. She had asked for a younger woman, aged between 20 and 30. Reaching out she skimmed her fingers over her playmate’s chest lightly, she must be about 26, thought Jessie. Twenty-six to my thirty-five. Perfect.

“What’s your name sweetheart?” She asked softly.

“Alexis,” her playmate answered as she looked up expectantly, her eyes wide and glossy with excitement.

Jessie chewed the inside of her cheek thoughtfully, “what brings you here?”

Alexis blinked quickly and bowed her head, her gaze dropping to the floor, “it’s my fantasy,” she stated simply.

Confusion rippled throughout Jessie’s mind, wasn’t this her fantasy after have a young playmate, someone she could experiment with, a nice little lady she could command and instruct and dominate to her heart’s content.

She gripped Alexis’ chin firmly, pulling her face up to hers, “what is? What’s your fantasy?”

“To be with another woman, to submit control, to be told what to do and how to do it...I, er...I”

“Shhh, now sweetheart,” she crooned as she sensed the younger woman’s distress, “tonight is about us, you giving me what I want and me giving you what you want.”

Alexis nodded mutely, looking up at Jessie and raising a cuffed hand to her face, rubbing the spongy pad of her finger across her lips, dipping a finger inside her hot, wet mouth as lips parted and granted entry. Jessie suckled on the roaming digit before nipping her firmly.

“Did I say you could touch me?” she barked, finding it easy to jump into character.

“No Ma’am,” Alexis apologised quietly, “I’m sorry.”

A smirk crossed Jessie’s face at how easy all this was.

“No bother sweetheart,” she said as she ran a hand across Alexis’ cheek, over her lips and down to her already naked chest.

Grazing her hands over the smooth swell of her breast, Jessie watched in wonder as her nipples, the already swollen buds of rosy-pink lushness, grew harder under her touch. She pinched firmly, one tight little peak and then the next, enticing delightful little whimpers from the younger woman’s throat.

God, Jessie thought as she looked on, her throat...the long slender column of her neck, milky white skin that led to beautifully chiselled shoulders.

Jessie sighed deeply, her hand leaving Alexis’ breast and sliding up to encase her throat, squeezing ever so slightly, just enough to let her playmate know who’s in charge, but not enough to inflict any real pain or danger.

“You are beautiful sweetheart,” she moaned against her lips, “and tonight I want to experience every inch of you.”

It sounded corny, clichéd, but she wanted nothing more than to slam Alexis down on the floor and bury her face in her juicy, smooth snatch. Instead, she pulled Alexis close, fusing their lips together in a long-anticipated kiss. A strong kiss, a demanding kiss, a battle of tongue against tongue.

Pulling away Jessie eyed her lover carefully, “don’t forget your place within this fantasy sweetheart.”

“Sorry Ma’am,” Alexis replied for her second indiscretion of the evening, her pout growing more and more dewy at the thought of impending punishment.

Walking to the rail containing the clothes of choice, Jessie barked another order, “come here sweetheart, help me out of these clothes and into more...suitable attire.”

Fifteen minutes later Jessie found herself standing over Alexis, dressed in the tightest of corsets, her ample bust spilling over the top and the bones nicking in at her waist, accentuating the womanly curves of her perfectly formed arse. Looking up expectantly, Alexis felt the familiar tingle within her pussy as she squirmed against the restraints. Bound at the wrists and ankles, she could do nothing more than buck her hips eagerly at the onslaught of sensation Jessie evoked by her devilish handiwork.

Her milky porcelain skin was now dotted with red candle wax, sure to leave lasting marks as a reminder of their initial burn. The bright red lipstick she’d worn now smeared its way across her face, kissed out of place by Jessie’s enthusiastic lips. Her pussy, bare and begging, was now coated with her juicy slick...asking to be fucked. Hard.

Yes, Jessie thought as she gazed upon the naked form of her young playmate writhing on the bed below, this was most definitely going to be a night to remember.

Author's Notes:
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Miss Rebecca Bond.  Missed the interview?  No worries- you can read the interview and check out her author profile here.  For more of Rebecca's erotic musings, check out these other fantastic free reads: Beautiful Nightmare and Snowed In.

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  1. OMG, what happens next? I think a sequel is required :D. Lovely work, Miss Bond.

  2. A sequel you say?! Well, we shall see... ; )