Monday, January 3, 2011

Hot New Free Read by Dirk Deeper

Notes from Under the Desk: One Hot Summer, Part I

By Dirk Deeper

My sexual awakening started when I was sixteen. I attended summer camp that year, and I loved watching my friend in the boys’ shower room. Matthew was everything I wasn’t- tall and broad-shouldered, with a narrow waist and arms to die for. My eyes strayed to his cock so often that the only image in my mind was of his member. When we went swimming or canoeing down at the lake and his trunks drew up against his groin, my heart raced.

My crush on Matthew was intense, but when I met our counselor Miss Jean, I fell in love. She was taller than I was which sent my submissive nature into overdrive. She was leggy and favored short shorts that showed off her tan legs. Jean ran cross country at her college, giving her a perfect runner’s build. While she was out of her room, I was a curious and naughty boy and was trying to look at her under things. Instead I discovered her dog eared Playgirls. The pictures of the nude men awoke something I already felt inside me. I enjoyed looking at erections. I was fascinated as I looked at close up photographs of a male going from flaccid to full mast. I soon began visiting Miss Jean’s room and looking at the nude models there for my visual sensation. I became extremely excited by the pictures. More often than not their manhood was held in the hands of a beautiful woman who was fully clothed. The control and power displayed in those pictures left me breathless.

One night, after an all- day canoeing trip, we returned to camp just in time to get cleaned up for dinner. My friend and I grabbed our shower gear and headed towards the boys’ showers as the girls walked beside us. They were so feminine and so superior to me. I was in a constant state of arousal. The girls were so wonderful-their swim suits left nothing to the imagination. It was as if they picked out their suits just to tease us. We soon parted ways and went into our own shower room.

I undressed first and was in the shower with the warm water caressing me. My friend walked into the showers. I looked at his penis hanging between his legs. My cock grew to full erection so suddenly it actually hurt I had been watching it sway as he walked- then I realized he had stopped and was talking to me. He reached towards my erection with his hand. I was desperately afraid. I wanted to run, but I wanted him to touch me there. My heart felt as if it were about to explode as his large hand grasped my shaft. Gasping, I orgasmed in his hand. My penis kept spurting as I moaned. Matthew slid his hand up and down my length until I thought I would lose my mind.

I stood there panting as if I’d sprinted the length of a football field. I watched as his uncircumcised prick began to swell.. Curious about his foreskin, I watched it slide back as his cock grew and pointed towards the sky. He put both hands on my shoulders and our penises touched. I felt as if the blood would rupture my aching shaft. My penis looked pink and delicate compared to his-mine clearly belonging to a boy, his every inch a man’s. Our shafts rubbed together in tune with the beating of our hearts .

I became aware of a gradual increase of pressure on my shoulders, pushing my face down closer to his beautiful penis. My mouth watered just looking at his shaft. It felt effortless. I wanted to see its beauty even closer. I knew I wanted it inside my mouth. There was no conflict of right or wrong, just a feeling of wanting to be closer to his gorgeous weapon. As my knees hit the floor my hands came up to hold is rigid flesh. I noticed he was much bigger than me down there. I rolled his foreskin toward me and kissed it, then began using my tongue to push the delicate skin away. I could feel the head of his manhood on my tongue. His hands were laced at the back of my head. Matthew forcefully thrust himself into my mouth. I gagged - it was difficult to breathe. He pulled back and then thrust himself deep into my throat, making my eyes water. He forced me to swallow his length again and yet again. Glancing up I saw a wild look in his eyes. I felt myself melt into him and my body relaxed. He roughly fucked my mouth with his beautiful penis. I saw need in his eyes-I witnessed aggression, too-but I also saw Matthew was begging me to put him out of his misery. There was a pleading look in his eyes- he knew I held the power to release him from himself.

He sensed the moment and his need increased exponentially. Matthew thrust his penis so deep into my throat I couldn’t breathe. In the same instant, I saw him surrender as his shaft continued to pulse- as if he had emptied his very soul into my mouth. I choked and tried to push him away. Matthew was much too strong for me, and he held himself in my mouth while his passion flowed in waves of sticky liquid. He filled my mouth so completely, I could not swallow it all.

He pulled back once. I gasped loudly. I felt as if I was drowning. Matthew quickly thrust again. His eyes were closed. As he pulsed and spurted in my mouth I saw Miss Jean looking right into my eyes …

To Be Continued...

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