Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Erotic Poetry by Reine Amodeo

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Welcomes Poet Reine Amodeo


By Reine Amodeo

Deep in the hours of breathless movement;

I drift to a silence devouring my skin;

Racing up my spine, is a current of fire;

I feel you whisper across my neck,

Though my lust is esoteric, I let you in.

Words blur into pulsations of warmth.

From your lips to my mind, you taste sublime.

Do you feel me calling?

Close your eyes in meditation, my hands explore you in soft sensation;

Can you take it?

In the hours between two worlds. my fingers slip down through the surface.

Right on the edge, exhaling crimson tides, I begin to drip.

Can you feel me pulling?

Are you flowing with me?

Just beyond dreams, outside of reality, I can almost scream.

Move with me;

Entwined in the elements;

Beneath reason;

Under Luna;

Through the ether;

Cum with me.

Sacred energy, break boundaries…

Trace The Muse

By Reine Amodeo

Kiss my mouth, kiss my hands, in the sky we meet again.

There is no promise, there are no vows.

Kneeling down, we melt through the ground.

Feed my mind and blend in my soul,

Entwine in my hair and breathe me whole.

Coil your hands around my body,

Move with me slowly, let me show you;

How I want you.

Kiss my spine, kiss my eyes,

In the sun, we are violet fire.

Hear the echo in your core, let your fingers come explore.

Taste me Muse, pull me in.

Pour yourself over my electric skin.

I want to slide in your senses, let down your defenses.

Like water and rain, you paint my skin.

This is love, not forbidden sin.

In the shadows, when I am alone.

My hands trace places I want you to roam.

Flooding waters rise then fall, I am yours

When you call…

Free (In The Sky)

By Reine Amodeo

Strange days ahead, mind blank, I sit and stare into the depth of the world.

No thoughts plague me or wither my sanctuary.

Complete rotation of the earth gives birth to the new dawn.

My money is gone, my needs are none.

Long since time has hung suspended like this, nothing is missed or unfolded.

Torn down to shreds, my ego left in the ashes.

Stripped to the bone, bare and alone I have no fears.

What brought me here?

There is no line between birth and death.

Immortal is our incarnate breath, the body is sentient.

Two spheres entwined, one holds the energy, one holds the light.

Many lives it takes to understand, the duality of woman and man.

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Author's Notes: Reine Amodeo is a Poet/singer/songwriter who takes energies and lessons and transform them into poetry. She grew up on Long Island, N.Y. After becoming homeless with three kids, she began to share her life lessons in a blog and book to inspire others to shine and keep going through all the trials to see the blessings.

Reine Writes: "My Book is called Soul Words and all the proceeds go to Make A Wish Foundation. I have been very lucky to also have a very gifted musician turn my poems into music. He is a very well known indie artists Sean T Wright and we called the project Seahorse Echo.  Today I live on the South Shore of Long Island at the seaside, and am working on a few more projects online and another book to come!"

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