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Luscious Poems by Reine Amodeo

Indigo Skye: Ink and Art
Welcomes Poet Reine Amodeo

Reine Amodeo is a poet, singer and songwriter. She takes energies and lessons and transforms them into poetry. Amodeo grew up on Long Island, New York.  After becoming homeless with three kids, she began to share her life lessons in a blog and book.  She hopes to inspire others to shine and keep going through all the trials to see the blessings.

A few words from the author:

"My book is called Soul Words.  All the proceeds go to the Make A Wish Foundation. I have been very lucky to also have a very gifted musician turn my poems into music. He is a very well known indie artist- Sean T. Wright.  We called the project Seahorse EchoToday I live on the South Shore of LI at the seaside and am working on a few more projects online and another book to come!"

Come To Me

By Reine Amodeo

In the lush water, clung to my outline,

Running down my aching breasts; they swell to the touch, Imagination’s kiss.

Breath is deep, I bite my lip, my fingers slip down till I groan and whisper.

Body flushed, eyes shut, raven hair wet and stuck to my face, I begin to trace between my legs deeply.

Would you taste me?

Would you play with me?

Run your tongue across my thighs, as I pull you in tight.

Let me explore you, my mouth would adore you, with every lick.

Watch me closely, as I bend over you; tease you and taunt you to kiss my feet.

Hands on my ass, pull me down fast;

I scream as you’re thrusting, my legs wrapped around your waist; I feel you pulse our hearts race.

Your lap is drenched with my sweetness pouring, inside me filled with your delicious release.

Come to me, in astral planes

Let's live out this fantasy…

The Purpose

By Reine Amodeo

Search, seek, ask, wait for the answer.

Mission, transition, submission to the flow.

Dilate, relate, complicate existence.

Move forward, step back, fear and desire are common axis.

We grasp.

Universal coalition, came by a slit in the time continuum.

Born of the stars, work at the gate, connecting like souls as they spin and vibrate.

The Universe is alive, it reaches and thrives as we sleep.

We come as a dream, oh how does one wake?

Slowly, mindfully, compassionately, softly.

That is why time is in place, to set the pace.

If you force the change, your mind gets deranged,

There is reason for everything.

Do not tamper the laws, human flaw wants results fast.

Make your lessons here last, relish with reverence the cause.

There is beauty, tranquility, unity, serendipity.

There is thought, action, reaction, satisfaction.

Progressions, regression, transmutation, revelation.

All part of being.

Blind and seeing, present and lost in the self.

Ego is a shelf we sit covered in illusions.

Then comes truth.

The greatest question of mankind.

What shall we find in the mist of it all?

Mystery, complexity, diversity, honesty.

The book of life has no end.

Scrolled across the levels of light, eternity writes the script.

What is thy purpose?

All of IT

I'll be featuring more of Ms. Amodeo's fantastic poetry in 2011.  Stay tuned to Indigo Skye: Ink and Art for details.  Can't get enough of that steamy stuff?  Get in Touch with Reine online!

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