Monday, December 13, 2010

Flash Fiction... A Phone Call

"Hey, sexy.  What are you wearing?"

"Black lacy panties and a tight little T-shirt."

"Yeah?  That's hot.  I wish I was there."

"Me too."

"Tell me what you'd do to me if I was there with you, baby."

"First I'd undress you slowly... take out that big cock and start stroking it for me now."

"I can't.  I'm driving."

"Better pull over.  I want you to concentrate."

"Okay... there's a parking lot up where were we?"

"Get your cock out.  I want to make you come."

"Damn- you're so nasty!"

"I know," I smile.  "If you were here right now, I'd stroke your shaft... then take the head between my lips and start to lick and suck and kiss your mushroom tip-"


"Then I'd deep-throat it- I know you love that."

"And then-?"  I can hear him catch his breath.  I know he's close.

"Mmmm... and then I'd grab your balls and squeeze them, working your cock in and out of my hot little mouth-"

"Oh, fuck.... I'm coming, I'm-" He drops the phone and the line goes dead.  I give him a moment to collect himself, then call back.

"Now it's my turn..."

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