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An Exclusive Interview with Author Rebecca Bond

Rebecca Bond

Bewitched by the vibrancy of city life, Rebecca Bond currently resides in London with The Boy, her fella of eight years. Originally from the sleepy Fens, she uses a combination of urban and rural inspiration to carve stories steeped in fantasy. As long as there’s a good coffee house nearby and chocolate is always within reach Rebecca happily breezes through life and the hurdles it throws in her way.

By daylight Rebecca Bond is immersed in frantic city life working with the UK’s Law Enforcement officers, but by moonlight she uses her daily copperings to fuel her inner muse into creating erotic offerings, transforming mundane reality into exquisite fantasy.

Rebecca has works published on The Erotic Woman and Erotica for All websites, and in the recently released anthology Uniform Behaviour.

Q: Welcome to Indigo Skye: Ink and Art.  We're thrilled to have the chance to chat with such a talented young writer.  Readers are wondering, what's your favorite book to read in bed?

A: Anything of the steamy variety to get my imagination flowing – hopefully leading to a night full of delicious dreaming!

Q: If you had the chance to meet one of your characters, who would you choose for a sexy liaison and why?

A: It has to be the tough, bad boy from ‘Sin City’, a short story of mine appearing in the Uniform Behaviour anthology. He is so commanding and knows how to get what he wants. He’s sexy too, oh yes! So for that quick, rough, up-against-the-wall liaison it has to be him, my rugged perpetrator. However, I’m working on a longer piece at the moment with a leading man who I’d run to in an instant for those longer, more sensual romantic nights. Swoon.

Q: How did you first become interested in writing erotica?

A: I have long been an avid reader of the genre, loving the way it provokes thought and evokes the imagination. I just love the way that words can cause such wonderful feelings within you, feelings that help you escape to another world entirely.

I then started writing my own stories for an audience composed solely of myself. It’s then that I realised how vivid my imagination was and how much I enjoyed escaping to the places on the pages as I was creating a story. It all spiralled from there.

Q: What are you working on now- anything new on the horizon?

A: I’m working on a number of shorts and I’m nearly at the end of a novella – a romantic tale of rebirth and discovery with lots of yummy erotica on every page. I’m hoping to have it out there for the masses some time in 2011, but we’ll have to see what happens. In the meantime I’ll be submitting more pieces to various publishers so again, watch this space...

Q: What's the best way to relax after a gruelling day at the laptop?

A: That’s simple – three of life’s greatest, chocolate and sex- individually or all together, I’m not fussy!

Q: Does your family support your career choice?

A: No idea – they don’t know that I write this stuff, but my mum has been encouraging me for years to concentrate on getting published, so I’m sure she’d be happy for me despite my preferred genre. My partner and close friends all know though and they’ve been fantastically supportive.

Q: Weirdest place you've ever had sex...?

A: Gawd, I’m quite conventional really and tend to stick to the house, the hotel and so on. The sun-lounger on the beach by moonlight though – was quite the romantic experience.

Q: Just for fun- Do you have any tattoos?

A: I do, I have two! One on my lower back and one, which I designed myself, snaking along my foot and ankle. I absolutely love everything about tattoos – the whole process of being inked up really gets to me. I’d certainly love to get more, but I’m so indecisive I’ve no idea what to have done! Feel free to throw your suggestions my way...

Q: Rebecca Bond's Hot Tips for writing a steamy sex scene...

A: Write for yourself and no one else, chances are that if you find something hot then others out there will too. But concentrate on the feelings it evokes within you first, I often find that a story is more passionate when the initial interest and enthusiasm is there.

Q: Let's get our readers' pens moving- how about a sizzling writer's prompt to capture the imagination?

A: Erm...okay, how about this...

She wasn’t afraid of heights. But here, now, watching as the man in front of her scrutinised her naked form, a wicked smirk plastered on his face as he surveyed the ropes that bound her in place, whilst flying through the air at 45,000 feet above the ground, panic finally began to set in.

I’ve no idea where that came from so make of it what you will...

Q: Any final thoughts or words of inspiration?

A: The only person that will hold you back from achieving what you want is you, so be strong, be brave, take chances and go for it – it may just turn out to be the most exciting ride of your life!

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