Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sizzling New Poetry by Indigo Skye


Moving on
The heart like a slow freight train
Reluctant to move this heavy load, this burden of love
Forgiveness and rage
The ache of somthing beautiful, lost or left behind

The heart quarrels with time
Seconds pass slow as years
Sadness and memory are clockless
They pounce when you least expect it
And sharpen their claws upon the soft meat of your heart

All you can do is wait,
Knowing that some day you will ache and laugh
Your heart filled up with a new love
Sunlight spilling out


Beautiful and raw
This dark fantasy
A waking dream

Take me by the hand
Destroy my inhibitions one by one by one
Lead me into the wilderness by the shadow-road, blindly trusting


Dancing in the light
I feel beautiful tonight
These elegant bones

Poetry and Photographs by Indigo Skye

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