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Guest Starring...Lauren Fraser!

Indigo Skye: Ink and Art is thrilled to present a steamy excerpt from Sex, Sin and Surf,  by author Lauren Fraser. Many thanks to Ms. Fraser for presenting her work here! This sizzling new novel is available from Ellora's Cave.

Pushing open the door at the end of the hall with his toe, Ben continued across the spacious bedroom, eased Celeste onto the bed and followed her down. Her soft body beneath him on the bed made his dick throb painfully against the constriction of his cargo shorts. He shifted his body between the V of her thighs.

The heat from her pussy reached him through his clothing and he hissed at the contact. He sucked her earlobe into his mouth, relishing the way her body shivered beneath his lips. With long, slow, tasting kisses he eased his way down her neck. Celeste’s fingers tangled into his hair and she moaned beneath him.

When he got to the edge of her bra he sat up, flicked open the front clasp, exposing her breasts to his eyes for the first time. Instead of being shy like most women he knew, Celeste arched her back, putting her breasts on display. The moonlight coming in off the ocean made the sweetly curved mounds glisten with an almost ethereal appearance. He’d never seen anything more seductive in his life.

Leaning toward her body, he sucked one of the berry-ripe buds into his mouth and rolled his tongue around it. Her back arched farther off the bed, silently begging him not to stop. The other nipple called to him for attention and he switched to her other breast. He slid his palm down her hip and peeled off her panties in one quick motion. His fingers dipped between her pussy lips. So wet, so hot. He needed to taste her. Kissing his way down her stomach, he paused to swirl his tongue around her bellybutton and she moaned.

He’d have to remember that spot for next time. Right now all he could think about was burying his tongue inside her. Her pussy was bare except for a small patch of hair, the landing strip that guided him to the treasure at the end. He spread her lips with his thumbs, her plump clit fully on display. “You look so damn good. I’m going to make a meal of you,” he rasped.

Kissing her inner thighs, he inhaled. Her fragrant desire filled his senses and made his mouth water. He gently blew a breath across her clit. Celeste raised her hips off the bed and he sucked the swollen nub into his mouth.

His first taste of her was pure sin.

Lapping at her clit, he used her body’s cues to find the right pace. He flicked hard, directly over the little nub. Her hips pumped faster, tiny moans echoed in the room. Ben eased his finger inside her.

“Oh yeah,” she gasped.

He slid a second finger inside, moving them both together. Her pussy engulfed him, tightly. He couldn’t wait to feel it around his cock.

Celeste gripped his hair so roughly he thought he’d be bald before the night was through. Curling his finger, he found her sweet spot and she squeezed her thighs together painfully around his ears. Her moans grew louder.

Oh yeah, she was close. And with one flick of her clit, she screamed. As the orgasm ripped through her, her pussy clenched in waves, over and over around his fingers. He continued to lick her clit until the last shudders had passed.

“Oh. My. God,” Celeste said, gasping on the bed with her arm covering her face. His dick throbbed painfully. He’d always liked going down on a woman, but Celeste? Jesus. He’d nearly come just from the flavor of her pussy and watching her orgasm. Her nipples beaded so tightly they looked as if they could cut glass. He pushed himself up and sucked one into his mouth.

Before he knew what was happening, she had him flipped over onto his back, pushed his shirt up and was licking her way across his chest. “You need to lose the clothes.”
Fuck me. His dick twitched in response to her demand. There was something damn sexy about a woman taking control.

He sat up, pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it onto the chair. Her fingers worked the button on his shorts. “Just a second,” he said and jumped off the bed. He shucked his shorts and underwear in one move and stood before her naked.

“Holy shit,” she murmured. Her eyes were riveted to his cock. “Is that pierced?”

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Author Bio:

A little bit about me. I had planned to write something witty and exciting about me in my bio, but unfortunately nothing came to mind. LOL. I guess that's why I write fiction. I live in British Columbia, Canada. I met my amazing husband in University, and we have been married for 13 years. We have two wonderful children. Between living the parental dream of being a maid, chauffer and chef, I manage to write. I have been an avid reader and closet writer for as long as I can remember. When my youngest daughter began school, I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and actually submit my work to see if I could make a go of this, and to teach my daughters to always go after your dreams. I am multi-published with books at Freya’s Bower, Total E-Bound, Ellora’s Cave and Liquid Silver, and I am looking forward to finding a home for all of the other stories that are running around on my computer.
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