Monday, May 2, 2011

Summer Short Story Contest...

Spring has sprung, and summer is on the way, readers! I'll be hosting a short story contest this summer, and am currently looking for suggestions for a fun and sexy theme to get your pencils moving.

Readers, this is your chance to shine. Got a hot idea for our contest? Comment here and let me know. Don't forget to include your email address!

If I choose your theme for the contest, I'll send you a copy of my book, Her Captive Muse, as a way of saying thanks. 


  1. Some themes: Fun in the Sun, Heat Wave, Beach Party, What I did on my Sexy Summer Vacation.

  2. Thank you for the ideas, Cara! My devious, dirty mind is already hard at work. Let's keep 'em coming, folks!

    -Indigo Skye

  3. I've been having lots of thoughts about sensual outdoor experiences recently and Spring could be an opportune time for a writing theme connected to that. I'm thinking woodlands, wildernesses, waterfalls, secluded beaches and such, with lots of opportunities for mystical surroundings and creatures (strictly fantasy creatures such as woodland nymphs or desert spirits for example).