Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Afternoon Delight

Not a big fan of morning sex? Too tired to get it on after a gruelling day at work? It can be tough to get in synch with a new partner, expecially if you're on different schedules. He's an early bird, you're a night owl. What to do?

Don't despair. Try a nooner! Arrange to meet him for lunch, and give your man the surprise of his life! There's something so decadent and delicious about afternoon sex... a stolen hour, locked away from the rest of the workaday world. What could be better?

This private pleasure is one of my favorite indulgences, simply because it's so unexpected. It makes a normal Tuesday afternoon shine. A spontaneous, sexy rendezvous can really spice things up.

I just had the pleasure of spending the afternoon in bed with my lover. We fucked and napped and fucked some more- it was amazing. Relationship feeling stale? Dr. Indigo says, try a nooner- it'll cure what ails you!

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