Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Giveaway!

Today, my blog tour for Her Captive Muse takes me to the Noble Romance Authors' Blog. I've written a special sexy post in honor of Memorial Day, and I'm giving away a copy of my book to one lucky winner! Click here for details.

Lots of new creative projects blooming this summer! First and foremost, I'm hosting a Heat Wave Summer Short Story Contest. You can find all the dirty details here.

In other news...

I'm working hard on my blog tour for Her Captive Muse, lining up new dates for the summer and fall. If you'd like to interview me or feature my work on your blog, please email me at  

Summer is always a hectic time, full of projects and plans. I've been writing some poetry, and working on new short stories, novellas, and books.  I'm editing a second book, Almost Everything, with hopes of submitting it for publication this summer.

If I'm not hard at work on my next new book, you can find me digging in the garden, or hiking in the woods. When I'm not blogging every day about my life, it's because I'm too busy living it!

Summertime in the Rockies is amazing. Wildflowers blossom, enticing my camera with their bright petals. Festivals abound, with twirling dancers shaking their hips in the sunshine. Baseballs and hula-hoops make an appearance, heralding this sweetest season. Time to go play outside!

Readers, time to weigh in- are you an adventurous lover who likes to get kinky in unexpected places? What's your favorite place to do the dirty deed outdoors? 

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