Friday, April 23, 2010

New Short Fiction & Dialing with Sticky Fingers Posts Now Online!

Hot off the presses- my newest offering is a short fiction piece, "Confession," for my Erotica page.  This story is a sizzling fantasy told from the point of view of Claudia, a fiesty character I'm really enjoying getting to know.  She's a seductive Southern belle who'll stop at nothing to get the man she wants- even if he's her priest!

The other new addition to my site is a hot post on the "Dialing with Sticky Fingers: Confessions of a Phone-Sex Goddess" page.  "Marathon Man," a post about a very sexy caller named Marshall, is the sizzling truth about my hottest call yet.  Posted for your delectation mere minutes ago...enjoy!

Drink of the sweet wine.  Let it intoxicate you, fill you up.  Dance with your dreams, tango with your wildest fantasies...

Passion Blooming
Photograph by Indigo Skye

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