Friday, April 30, 2010

The Director: French Benefits

Today, I got a call from a man I'll call who introduced himself as Francis Ford Cockola.  I'll call him the Director, because I can't type Cockola without laughing. 

Our hot phone-on-phone encounter was like a tightly scripted mind movie, and he was firmly in control.  Eveery motion of my hand, every word, every pleasure, was suggested by The Director.  He had some excellent suggestions, and soon I was sopping wet.  "Talk to me, baby," he said...but I was too busy coming.

"I bet you didn't expect to get a call like this today," Francis said... and he was right.  I wasn't sure what to expect, when I started this job...but I didn't expect this.  It blows my mind when I chat with someone like Francis or Marshall, my Marathon Man.  I never want the conversation to end; these men treasure my cunny like the most precious jewel that it is.  They love to lick it, suck it, tongue it, finger it, and make me come.  Their pleasure is derived- at least in part- from the pleasure they awaken in me. 

Every great lover knows how to please a woman- not just himself.  How to tease her, make her scream with passion or smile from the pure sweetness of this unexpected gift.

And every woman knows that there is a great scarcity of great lovers in this world.  Aspiring to be one of the greats?  It takes time, patience, dedication, and discipline to learn to please a woman.  It's not rocket's a little more complicated than that! 

Getting a girl off is easier said than done, so why not call up your favorite phone sex goddess today and give it a try?  If you're not sure how to please a woman by phone, take a few tips from me...

Check out my new additions to "Dialing With Sticky Fingers: Confessions of a Phone Sex Goddess."  Guaranteed to blow your mind!

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