Saturday, April 30, 2011

Product Testing...

Last weekend, I took a short hiatus from my blog tour to do a little product testing for Eden Fantasys. This time, they sent me the Sexy Slave Kit (shown above). When it arrived in the mail, I knew I was in for a delightfully dirty weekend.

I found the blindfold to be very comfortable, offering full coverage without being restrictive. Naughty girl- no peeking!

This kit is a quality product. Each component is well-made, and I'm sure I'll be enjoying it for years to come. The "Pleasure Feather" tickler feels fabulous on bare skin- my lover and I both agree.  

The Sexy Slave Kit also includes four adjustable, padded wrist and ankle cuffs. After a little experimentation, we discovered that any of the cuffs can also be used as a cock ring. The padded red velour is fastened with velcro that adjusts to a wide range of sizes. I know readers will enjoy the versatility of this kit. Each cuff features a 44" connector strap so you can tie your lover to the bed- or anything else that strikes your fancy.

My rating? Five O's. (Or more- I lost count!)

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  1. WOW I think I need to go buy that kit :)

  2. sounds awesome deff have to rea dmore love dthe review!