Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Long, Hot Summer...

What a fabulous summer.  You know I'm having a good time when I haven't been posting for a bit...too busy living the dream!  I've had a few erotic firsts and outdoor adventures I wanted to share here.  Earlier this summer, on a camping trip, my lover-man and I got a little crazy in a tent.  Very hot! Also, I wanted to report an erotic milestone- this summer, for the first time, I had sex in a about wet and wild! 

We fucked in the middle of a lake, the only people for miles around.  (The ducks got quite a show, and we scared the bears!)  It was amazing and very sexy, putting it all on display in the middle of a pristine mountain valley.  The only bummer?  I was a bit worried about tipping the boat over and falling in the drink, which made it tough to concentrate on the larger issues at hand...

I made sure he got off hard, and then I had a fab multi-orgasm once we were back on dry land!  It was an amazing place.  I truly felt in touch with my wilder side.  Getting back to nature can do phenomenal things for your sex life.  Go outside and play!

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